MARTS: Enniskillen

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1000 cattle on offer at Enniskillen this in the bullock ring lightweights sold from 205- 239ppk for a 370kg CH. Medium weights sold from 200 – 232ppk for a 428kg CH at 995. Heavy lots selling from 185-211p/kg for a CH 506kg at £1070 and selling up to 1330 per head.

BULLOCKS: Omagh producer 370kg at 885 CH. Trillick producer 428kg at 995 CH. Kesh producer 462kg at 1075 CH. Derrylin producer 488kg at 1090 CH. Derryhowlagh producer 454kg at 1070 CH. Brookeborough producer 556kg at 1150 CH. Enniskillen producer 388kg at 880 CH. Enniskillen producer 396kg at 895 CH. Enniskillen producer 412kg at 915 CH. Drumlee producer 506kg at 1070 CH. Omagh producer 516kg at 1075 CH. Garrison producer 500kg at 1045 CH.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1065 paid for a 480kg CH while heifers ranged from £500 to £860 for a 397kg CH.

Ruling prices: Garrison producer 397kg CH hfr at 860, 258kg CH hfr at 850. Derrylin producer 432kg CH hfr at 845, 335kg CH steer at 840, 353kg LIM bull at 865, Kinawley producer 446kg CH steer at 1030. Garrison producer 467kg LIM steer at 1040. Boho producer 459 LIM steer at 925, 350kg CH hfr at 820. Florencecourt producer 425 CH hfr at 805, 375kg LIM bull at 900, 340kg DAQ steer at 670. Springfield producer 300kg CH Bull at 760, 316kg LIM hfr at 665, Tempo producer 336kg SIM bull at 760, 331kg LIM bull at 735.

CALVES: Lisnaskea producer CH bull at 455. Tempo producer SIM bull at 380. Springfield producer CH bull at 375. Lisbellaw producer SIM hfr at 335. Trillick producer SIM bull at 280. Enniskillen producer LIM bull at 270. Fivemiletown producer LIM hfr at 260. Tempo producer FR bull at 118. Derrylin producer FR bull at 80.

SUCKLER COWS: Leggs producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1340. Clogher producer SH cow with bull calf at 1340. Newtownbutler producer SIM cow with hfr calf at 1300. Omagh producer CH cow hfr calf at 1330. Clogher producer AA cow with hfr at 1280. Kesh producer SIM with hfr calf at 1200. Lisnaskea producer SIM cow with hfr at 1230. Macken producer SPR SIM cow at 1190.


Forward lots sold to 201ppk paid for a 607kg CH at £1225 while lightweights sold from 180-212ppk for a 442kg CH @ £940. Derrygonnelly producer 630kg at 1215. Garrison producer 630kg at 1215. Irvinestown producer 510kg at 985. Brookeborough producer 490kg at 990. Garrison producer 420kg at 925. Garrison producer 438kg at 900. Lisbellaw producer 430kg at 955. Kinawley producer 450kg at 950. Kinawley producer 440kg at 900.