MARTS: Enniskillen

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A strong show of cattle on offer at Enniskillen. In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 205- 245ppk for a 382kg CH at 935.

Medium weights sold from 200 – 235ppk for a 448kg CH at 1055. Heavy lots selling from 185-201p/kg for a CH 600kg at £1260.

BULLOCKS: Derrylin producer 382kg at 935 CH. Kesh producer 448kg at 1055 CH. Kesh producer 400kg at 915 CH. Derrylin producer 356kg at 830 CH. Tempo producer 384kg at 870 Lim. Kesh producer 400kg at 915 CH. Derrylin producer 424kg at 950 CH. Derrylin producer 402kg at 900 CH. Aghalane producer 770kg at 1350 CH. Aghalane producer 750kg @ 1315 CH. Aghalane producer 708kg at 1220 CH.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £600 to £1000 paid for a 409kg Lim while heifers ranged from £500 to £845 for a 367kg CH.

Ruling prices: Garrison producer 367kg CH hfr at 845, 414kg CH bull @ 910. FMT producer 302kg CH hfr at 760, 309kg CH bull at 790, 318kg CH hfr at 765. Derrylin producer 341kg Lim bull at 830, 358kg AA steer at 760. Lisnaskea producer 275kg CH bull at 705, 315kg LIM hfr at 730. Enniskillen producer 329 LIM bull at 730, 255kg Lim bull at 650. Belcoo producer 321kg CH hfr at 715, 347kg CH bull at 735, 302kg CH bull at 755. Springfield producer 300kg CH Bull at 760, 316kg Lim hfr at 665, Tempo producer 336kg Sim bull at 760, 331kg Lim bull at 735.

CALVES: Lisnaskea producer AA hfr at 525. Letterbreen producer CH hfr at 445. Irvinestown producer CH hfr at 420. Castlederg producer CH hfr at 380. Lisnaskea producer CH hfr at 370. Lisnaskea producer BB bull at 345. Irvinestown producer BB bull at 300. FMT producer FR bull at 125. Ballinamallard producer FR bull at 82.

SUCKLER COWS: Enniskillen producer BB cow with bull calf at 1500. Enniskillen producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1420. Florencecourt producer AA cow with bull calf at 1320. Enniskillen producer BB cow bull calf at 1360. Enniskillen producer BB cow with hfr at 1370. Enniskillen producer CH with bull calf at 1200. Monea producer Lim cow with hfr at 1200. Garrison producer Spr CH cow at 1050. Garrison producer Spr CH cow at 1020.

HEIFERS: Forward lots sold to 203ppk paid for a 514kg CH at £1040 while lightweights sold from 178-239ppk for a 414kg BB at £990. Brookeborough producer 514kg at 1040. Tempo producer 510kg at 1030. Tempo producer 520kg at 1000. Tempo producer 414kg at 990. Lisbellaw producer 490kg at 975. Lisbellaw producer 480kg at 950. Enniskillen producer 460kg at 915. Enniskillen producer 440kg at 860. Enniskillen producer 390kg at 840.