MARTS: Fivemiletown


There was a brisk demand for the good show of cattle at Friday’s sale.

The following a brief report of prices:

BULLOCKS: D Wilson, Clabby, Char £1050/440 kg. T Gilmore, Dromore, Char £950/370 kg, £700/330 kg. K Rafferty, Fintona, BB £935/440 kg. P Mulligan, Dromore, AA £1025/480 kg. J McClave, Roslea, Char £935/430 kg, Lim £830/320 kg. L McCutcheon, Clabby, Char £890/340 kg, £880/340 kg. S Smyth, Rosslea, Char £995/420 kg, Sim £800/410 kg, Char £800/380 kg. A McBride, Fintona, Char £820/320 kg. E Beggan, Rosslea, Lim £700/240 kg, £630/200 kg, £625/200 kg. S McAleer, Roslea, Lim £840/340 kg. J Pickens, Fintona, Lim £780/360 kg. R Farley, Caledon, Char £885/400 kg, Lim £820/360 kg, Char £795/380 kg. P S of La Fay, Derrylin, Char £730/340 kg, AA £650/240 kg.

HEIFERS: K Rafferty, Fintona, Char £970/460 kg, Lim £915/480 kg. P Mulligan, Dromore, Lim £960/500 kg, AA £920/480 kg, AA £720/380 kg, AA £710/380 kg. S Mellon, Fintona, Char £955/480 kg, £835/420 kg. K Kingan, Tynan, Char £880/430 kg, AA £725/400 kg. P Fee, Tempo, Lim £675/280 kg, £620/320 kg. J Melanophy, Belcoo, Lim £660/220 kg, £600/200 kg, £570/200 kg. L McCutcheon, Clabby, D’Aq £700/340 kg. J McAleer, Roslea, Char £670/300 kg, £595/260 kg.

SUCKLING COWS WITH CALVES: A Wiltshire, Fivemiletown, £1400 for a ’07 cow with bull calf, £1390 for a ’05 cow with bull calf, and £1340 for a ’03 cow with bull calf. E Beggan, Rosslea, £1330 for a ’10 cow with bull calf. K Kelly, Trillick, £1250 for a ’05 cow with bull calf.