MARTS: Gortin

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A smaller show of sheep on Monday due to poor weather conditions but prices remained firm.

Fat lambs: Tom Gibson £110/27kg, £104/24kg, £102/27kg, Paul Morris £93/27kg, Stanley Wilson £92/32kg, £91, Michael Bradley £90/24kg, Alan Speers £87.80/23kg, £85.20/24.30kg, Stuart Loughlin £84/25.50kg.

Store lambs: John Doherty £74.80/19kg, Gerard Devlin £73.50/21kg, William Morris £56.

Fat ewes: John Lowe £145, Wayne McElmurray £109, John Doherty £100, G Monteith £100, Stuart Loughlin £91, Stanley Wilson £91, John Young £81, Alan Speer £71, Richard Boyd £70, Ronald McChance £60.

Ewes and lambs: Peter O Neill £140, £118, £95.