MARTS: Gortin

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A rise in price in the lamb trade this week. Lambs up to £68/22kg, fat ewes up to £90 and ewes and lambs up to £178.

LAMBS: C and M Blair £68/22kg, Robert Scott £68/25kg, Thomas Watson £67.80/26.40kg, Henry Wilson £67.20/23kg, Gordan McFarland £67/22kg, Peter Tracey £67/25kg, Kenneth Burrows £66/25kg,Bernard Devine £66.50/24kg, Peter Keenan £66.50/23kg, C and M Blair £66/24kg, R McBride £66/24kg, Julia Glasgow £65.20/22kg, Fred Doherty £65/22kg, John McConnell £65/23kg, Wayne Irwin £64.80/22kg, Allan Speer £64.80/22kg, F and A Conway £64.50/22kg, A Houston £64.50/22kg, John McAleer £64.20/22kg, William Duncan £64/21kg, Joseph Kerlin £63.80/22kg, Samuel Lennox £63/22kg, Seamus Kelly £62,50/24kg, Alan Roulston £61/22kg, £61/22kg.

FAT EWES: Robert Scott £90, Alan Ferguson £84.50, John McAleer £85, Kenneth Burrows £84, Alan Ferguson £84, F and A Conway £84, Joseph Kerlin £83, Isaac Crilly £81, David O’Neill £80.50, C and M Blair £80, Wayne Irwin £80, Damien O’Hagan £78, Ian Kee £77, Patrick Grimes £76.

EWES AND LAMBS: Michael McBride £178, Adam Portorer £160, £160, £160, £140, Michael McBride £102, Sean McEldowney £100, £90.