MARTS: Hilltown

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Sheep trade is back on a regional scale however there was keen demand for lightweight lambs in particular on Thursday night at Hilltown.

The top rate was 332ppk for 15kilos at £51 from a Newry farmer. Other high rates were 15.6k at £51 (326ppk), 10.5k at £34.50 (328ppk), 15k at £50 (331ppk). Fat ewes sold to £85 while Rams sold to £148.

Sample prices: Newry farmer 22.5k at £67 (297ppk); Rostrevor farmer 19k at £56.50 (293ppk), 18k at £54 (300ppk); Kilcoo farmer 17.8k at £55 (305ppk), 15k at £49 (322ppk), 10.5k at £34.50 (328ppk), 15.6k at £51 (326ppk); Killowen farmer 23k at £68.50 (297ppk); Rathfriland farmer 17k at £50.50 (297ppk), 15k at £50 (331ppk); Hilltown farmer 17k at £52.50 (305ppk), 20k at £60 (300ppk); Kilkeel farmer 17.5k at £54 (305ppk), 19k at £57 (300ppk); Hilltown Farmer 18.5k at £56.50 (305ppk).

There was great trade for cattle at Hilltown Mart on Saturday 27th. Strong Bullocks were consistently exceeding 200ppk, topping at 248ppk for 408kilos at £1010 from a Ballynahinch farmer. Top price in the Bullock section was £1230 for 580kilos. Strong heifers cleared up to £1140 for 550k, a 456k heifer sold for 225ppk or £1030 from Annalong. Weanling Bullocks sold to £1030 for 460k A.Angus from Rostrevor. A Hilltown Farmer cleared up to 267ppk for 284kilos at £760.

Sample prices:

FAT COWS: Ballynahinch farmer £970 for 760k; Burren farmer £910 for 700k; Attical farmer £900 for 600k; £850 for 660k.

HEIFERS: Dromara farmer 504k at £1060, 486k at £900, 440k at £880, 450k at £880, 447k at £870, 456k at £920, 496k at £990; Dromintee farmer 550k at £1140, 470k at £965; Annalong farmer 456k at £1030, 476k at £1000, 492k at £960, 458k at £940, 478k at £940, 470k at £925, 454k at £890, 430k at £840; Ballynahinch farmer 520k at £1040, 402k at £810; Donaghmore 410 at £900, 402k at £820, 384k at £840, 368k at £800, 390k at £790, 368k at £750; Kilkeel farmer 420k at £860, 390k at £790; Newry farmer 266k at £605; Castlewellan farmer 402k at £880.

WEANLING BULLOCKS: Rostrevor farmer460k at £1030, 396k at £965; Dromintee farmer 508k at £1005, 432k at £900; Newry farmer 450k at £980; HilltownFarmer 318k at £810, 324k at £795, 342k at £780, 284k at £760.

BULLOCKS: Ballynahinch farmer 586k at £1230, 578k at £1170, 480k at £1080,408k at £1010, 496k at £1090, 462k at £1050, 460k at £1040, 450k at £1035, 446k at £1030, 470k at £1020, 408k at £1010, 386k at £880, 400k at £855;Attical farmer 536k at £1150, 500k at £1030; Rostrevor farmer 546k at £1120, 496k at £1020; Newcastle farmer 540 at £1095, 496k at £1005; Mayobridge farmer 514k at £1040;Castlewellan farmer 510k at £990, 436k at £970, 434k at £920; Kilkeel farmer 402k at £970, 384k at £880.