MARTS: Hilltown

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A very large entry of quality stock at Hilltown Sales, met a much improved trade on Thursday 9th July.

Top rate of 385ppk for 17.4k lambs making £67, from Kilkeel farmer. Top price of £73.50 for 25k from Annalong farmer.

 Sample prices:  

Kilkeel farmer: 20k at £68.50 [ 342ppk]. Cabra farmer: 14k at £52 [ 371ppk]. Rathfriland farmer: 13.5k at £50 [ 370ppk], 17k at £59.50 [ 350ppk]. Mayobridge farmer: 16.1k at £56.50 [ 350ppk]. Kilcoo farmer: 15.7k at £54.50 [ 347ppk], 12.7k at £42 [ 330ppk]. Hilltown farmer: 16.5k at £54 [ 327ppk], 18.4k at £59 [ 320ppk], 21k at £63 [ 300ppk]. Ballyward farmer: 10.9k at £35 [ 321ppk]. Newry farmer: 11.4k at £36 [ 315ppk]. Downpatrick Farmer: 23.4k at £70.50 [ 301ppk].

Another good entry of stock at Hilltown Mart on Saturday 11th July met firm trade for all classes. 

Good quality cows with calves at foot sold in a super trade at £1610 from Newry farmer. Fat cows sold to £870 at 710k from Kilkeel farmer.


Top price heifer made £1080 at 648k from Newry farmer. Top rate of 227ppk for 458k making £1080 from a Newry farmer also. Kilkeel farmer: 430k at £960, 410k at £895, 416k at £835, 392k at £785. Hilltown farmer: 504k at £1060, 460k at £930. Newry farmer: 490k at £1000, 536k at £1050, 584k at £1045.

 Weanling males:

The weanling males returned a very good trade. Top price and top rate of £875 at 308k [284ppk] from Kilkeel farmer. Castlewellan farmer: 258k at £690, 304k at £715, 378k at £855. Newry farmer: 346k at £860, 368k at £850, 334k at £770. Kilkeel farmer: 332k at £845.

Bullocks: Top price bullock was £1210 at 544k from Kilcoo farmer. The top rate was 227ppk for 450k making £1025 from a Newry farmer. Mayobridge farmer: 412k at £905, 450k at £985, 406k at £885, 390k at £820. Ardarragh farmer: 548k at £1180. Castlewellan farmer: 334k at £700. Newry farmer: 538k at £1100, 556k at £1130. Banbridge farmer: 562k at £1020, 734k at £1120.