MARTS: Hilltown


Another super entry of over 1700 sheep at Hilltown on Thursday 20th August, resulted in steady trade.

Top price of £90 was paid for 22.5k, from Rathfriland farmer. Top rate of 405ppk for 17k making £69 from Kilkeel farmer.

Breeding ewes sold to £125 from Cabra farmer.

Cull ewe trade was exceptionally strong with good quality ewes selling to £96.


Balllymartin farmer: 10k at £39 [390ppk]. Hilltown farmer: 13.2k at £48 [363ppk], 10.7k at £38.50 [359ppk].Castlewellan farmer: 12.3k at £43.50 [353ppk], 14.6k at £50 [342ppk], 16.5k at £54 [327ppk], 15.3k at £49.50 [323ppk].

Kilkeel farmer: 11.6k at £41 [353ppk], 17.1k at £52.50 [307ppk], 20.1k at £59 [293ppk]. Rostrevor farmer: 19.3k at £59 [305ppk].

Another excellent entry of prime cattle were on offer at Hilltown Mart on Saturday. Prices in the Bullock ring topped at £1390 for 710k from a Rathfriland farmer. The top price per kilo was 240ppk for 346k at £830. In the heifer ring trade topped at £1195 for 650kilos from Rathfriland farmer, £545 along with her weight. A smaller entry of Cows and calves sold to £1280.


Rathfriland farmer 650k at £1195, 630k at £1140, 660k at £1180, 630k at £1100; Whitecross farmer 364k at £730, 436k at £890; Rostrevor farmer 450k at £865, 370k at £730, 286k at £605, 222k at £530; Cabra farmer 350k at £700, 450k at £855; Hilltown Farmer 290k at £675; Cabra Farmer 355k at £775, 420k at £850, 325k at £725, 430k at £870, 355k at £740; Kilcoo farmer 285k at £660.


Rathfriland farmer 710k at £1390, 654k at £1275, 576k at £1075; Banbridge farmer 512k at £1035, 466k at £900, 346k at £830, 534k at £1070, 460k at £900; Annalong farmer 372k at £800, 416k at £865, 750k at £1340, 652k at £1240, 654k at £1165, 678k at £1225; Whitecross farmer 494k at £985, 464k at £975, 442k at £985, 496k at £1080, 484k at £985; Mayobridge farmer 478k at £970, 448k at £1015, 514k at £1000, 476k at £955, 436k at £895, 560k at £1130; Hilltown Farmer 420k at £950, 374k at £795, 400k at £790, 488k at £955, 486k at £970; Hilltown farmer 506k at £1000, 396k at £845; Rathfriland farmer 622k at £1180, 652k at £1260.