MARTS: Hilltown

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A solid trade was met for the third suckler show and sale of Belgium Blue calves at Hilltown on Tuesday the 13th October. Judged by Steven Gordon of Kilkeel.

Leading the trade, from breeder Oliver O’Hare of Mayobridge, was a 478k bullock making £990. Next was a Bullock at 418k making £900, from Michael Greenan of Cabra. Oliver also received first prize and top rate, with a 326k bullock making £850 [260ppk]. Second place in the bullocks went to Ian Cull of Banbridge, at 418k making £850. Ann Marie Sloan came third making £760 for a 292k bullock.

Sample prices - Bullocks: Hilltown farmer: 302k at £750. Castlewellan farmer: 270k at £670, 198k at £485, 164k at £400, 406k at £820. Newry farmer: 234k at £580. Rostrevor farmer: 530k at £900. Cabra farmer: 412k at £860, 448k at £800. Rostrevor farmer: 434k at £860. Mayobridge farmer: 326k at £850.

Heifers - Top rate of 281ppk at 174k making £490, from Cyril Morgan of Castlewellan. Rostrevor farmer: 256k at £640, 306k at £715. Kilkeel farmer: 304k at £680, 354k at £720, 274k at £560. Newry farmer: 248k at £570, 362k at £690, 316k at £640, 294k at £630. Mayobridge farmer: 202k at £450.

Another super entry of sheep in Hilltown on Monday 12th October at the breeding sale, and on Thursday 15th October.

Breeders – Breeding ewes sold to £118 from Kilcoo farmer. Ewe lambs to £80 from Castlewellan farmer and Rams to 365gns from Banbridge farmer.

Thursday evening – Top price of £70 was paid for 25k, from Hilltown farmer. Top rate of 365ppk for 11.5k making £42 from Kilkeel farmer. Cull ewes sold to £70 from Annalong farmer.


Rostrevor farmer: 15.4k at £52.5 [340ppk]. Hilltown farmer: 16.7k at £56 [335ppk], 14k at £50 [357ppk]. Rathfriland farmer: 16.3k at £53 [325ppk]. Warrenpoint farmer: 18k at £58 [322ppk]. Castlewellan farmer: 22k at £65 [295ppk], 15k at £50 [333ppk]. Cabra farmer: 12k at £41 [341ppk].

A fantastic entry of cattle at Hilltown on Saturday 17th October, resulted in a sharp trade. Bullocks sold to £596 over for 654k at £1260. Heifers sold to £466 over for 564k making £1030.

Fat Cows - Top price cow sold at £1150 at 768k from Kilkeel farmer. Sample prices: Newry farmer: 754k at £930. Dromore farmer: 642k at £800. Kilkeel farmer: 536k at £780. Hilltown farmer: 506k at £635.

Breeding Bulls - Breeding bulls sold at £1100 from Cabra farmer

Cows and Calves – There was a good show of cows with calves at foot, selling to £1210 from Kilcoo farmer.

Heifers: Top rate of 240ppk for a 266k heifer making £640 from Hilltown farmer. Sample prices: Kilcoo farmer: 258k at £580, 388k at £775, 512k at £910. Hilltown farmer: 422k at £880, 398k at £808, 406k at £820, 438k at £875, 496k at £940.

Bullocks: Top rate of 253ppk for a 290k bullock making £735 from Rostrevor farmer. Sample prices – Castlewellan farmer: 352k at £755,564k at £1120. Newry farmer: 344k at £815, 434k at £960, 380k at £840. Rostrevor farmer: 374k at £825, 450k at £960. Hilltown farmer: 636k at £1180, 578k at £1130. Rathfriland farmer: 530k at £1080.