MARTS: Lisahally

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A great show of sheep at Tuesday’s sale. Lambs £64.80/25kg, fat ewes £79.

LAMBS: Patrick Duffy £64.80/25kg, Robert Lowry £63.50/26kg,Olsen Allen £63.50/25kg, James McElwee £63.50/23kg,John Dodds £63/23kg, Thomas Henderson £62.80/24kg, Aidan McLaughlin £62.50/22kg, Ronald Wilson £62.50/23kg, Creighton Morrison £61.80/22kg, Edward Quigley £61.50/21kg, James McLaughlin £61/22kg, Mervyn Whiteside £59.50/21.50kg, Owen McDevitt £58/21kg, Samuel Whiteside £58/21kg.

EWES: WJ and DC Devine £79, Robert Quigley £76.50, C Brown £75, John Dodds £74, Jenny Maxwell £74, James Maxwell £71.50, Creighton Morrison £71, R Killen £70, William McConway £70, Robert Quigley £68, Mervyn Whiteside £65, C Brown £50.

Some great prices at Wednesday’s sale saw bullocks £1110/570kg and heifers £1215/640kg. More stock needed to meet the obvious demand.

BULLOCKS: WJ and DC Devine £1110/570kg, £1050/560kg, Gregory McLaughlin £1065/570kg, £1045/480kg, £1040/500kg, £900/400kg, £895/460kg, £890/420kg, Alan McMurray £900/530kg, £865/470kg, £860/510kg, Aidan McLaughlin £800/460kg, Alan McMurray £795/480kg, £700/410kg, John Dodds £730/490kg, £655/350KG, £630/410KG, £580/270KG, £540/400KG, £490/360KG Terence O’Hara £690/400kg, £665/410kg.

HEIFERS: Ronald Mackey £1215/640kg, £115/560kg, £1075/550kg, £1060/570kg, Stuart Parkhill £1145/610kg, £1075/560kg, Owen McDevitt £1000/610kg, £985/430kg, £930/530kg, £875/450kg, Joseph McElhatton £605/300kg, £580/330kg,£575/300kg.