MARTS: Lisahally

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A large entry of sheep at Tuesday’s mart. An improvement in trade saw fat lambs up to £71.50/23kg and fat ewes £86.


John McWilliams £71.50/23kg, Harold Barbour £68.50/27kg, Brian Johnston £68.50/25kg, Kelly Farms £68/23kg, Robert Quigley £67.50/24kg, Stuart Caskie £67.50/24kg, £67.50/24kg, John Millen £67.50/24kg, Dean Wylie £67.50/24kg, Robert Qiugley £67.20/23kg, Daniel McNally £67/22kg, Aidan McLaughlin £66.50/23kg,C George £66.20/23kg, Jerry OHara £66.20/22kg, Robert Lowry £65.20/22kg, Patrick Proctor £65.20/23kg, Alistair Somers £65.20/23kg, William Moore £65/21kg, E Wylie £65/23kg.


Martin Doherty £86, Brian Johnston £77, Kelly Farms £75, £75, John McClelland £75, Robert Lowry £73, James Alexander £72.50, Alexander McDonald £72, David Smyth £70, T McDaid £66, Harold Barbour £64, Stephen McCay £64.