MARTS: Lisahally

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A strong trade for cattle at Wednesday’s sale with bullocks £1300/740kg and heifers £1255/570kg.

BULLOCKS: Philip McShane £1300/740kg, £1260/710kg, Donald Sayers Thompson £11£1280/720kg,£1255/670KG, £1210/670KG, £1205/640KG, £1200/690KG, Cecil Ross £1175/690kg, £1165/690kg, £1145/670kg, £1105/640kg, £1100/670kg, £1100/650kg, £1055/650kg, £1040/590kg, £1020/640kg, Mervyn Rodgers £1170/570kg, £1145/580kg,m £1105/590kg, £1070/500kg, £1060/540kg, £1010/560kg, £1000/510kg, £905/520kg, D and S Thompson £1165/650kg, £905/540kg, Donald Sayers £1145/620kg, £1140/620kg, £1150/650kg, £1160/630kg, Samuel Thompson £1090/520kg, £915/460kg, £900/460kg, £875/470kg, £870/460kg, £860/460kg, £855/490kg, £815/450kg, £800/440kg, J McClelland £1015/530kg,£1000/560kg, £880/510kg, £810/430kg, John Corbett £900/630kg, £845/490kg.

HEIFERS: Maurice Thompson £1255/570kg, £1240/580kg, £1095/610kg, Robert Quigley £1130/670kg, Patrick McNicholl £1090/580kg, £1080/550kg, Robert Quigley £1010/600kg, John Beattie £1005/580kg, G Christie £1000/500kg, £990/520kg, £910/520kg, £900/500kg, Patrick McNicholl £975/510kg, £955/570kg, Michael O Connor £965/490kg, £960/510kg, John Beattie £965/510kg, 3950/540kg, James Hasson £950/480kg, £880/440kg, £870/470kg, £800/510kg, G Christie £940/520kg, J Sherrard £940/550kg, John Beattie £900/550kg,£890, Michael OConnor £900/500kg, £900/490kg,£855/480kg, Alan Doherty £815/460kg, £805/430kg.