MARTS: Lisahally

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Another great turnout of sheep on Tuesday. Fat lambs £69/28kg, store lambs £60, breeding hoggets £130 and fat ewes £70.


S and D McReynolds £69/28kg, Fergal Gormley £68.50/27kg, Reid Clarke £68/27kg, John Halcrow £67.50/24kg, SJ Craig £66.80/24kg, John Halcrow £66.50/25kg, David Smyth £66/20kg, Jerry O’Hara £65.80/24kg, John Logue £65/24kg, James Canning £64.50/23kg, Martin Quigley £64.20/23KG, Maervyn McKinley £64.20/24kg, S Moore £64/25kg,John McKinley £64/23kg, Hugh O’Connor £64/23kg, Alwyn Fleming £63.80/22kg, Robert Blackburn £63.50/24kg, James Donaldson £63/23kg, Andrew McKinley £62/22kg, John McDevitt £62/22kg, David Smyth £61/20kg.


Richard Kirk £60, David Harbinson £60, S Moore £60, Patrick Duffy £59.50, David Smyth £59.50, James Canning £59, William Orr £58.50, Kathleen Miller £57.50, David Smyth £56, Deidre Devine £55.50,Kathleen Miller £55, Herbert Dixon 55, Benny Lynch £54, P and A Miller £53, Robert Guy £51.50 John McShane £50.50.


R and G Moore £130, Wilton Goligher £109, £100, S Scott £105, £104, £100, Fergal Gormley £99, Hugh Toy £96, £92, £88,£83, Fergal Gormley £88,Michael O’Hara £83.


Reid Clarke £70, E Williamson £69, Hilary Deery £60, S and D McReynolds £59.50,A Harpur £58 Ruth Hylands £53, Paul Donaghy £51, David Poston £45.50.

A packed yard with a ringside of buyers at Wednesday’s sale resulting in an outstanding trade. Bullocks £1300/810kg, heifers £1275/630kg.


Nigel Stevenson £1300/810kg, £1240/740kg, £1190/670kg, Hamilton Sayers £1190/660kg, £1190/630kg, £1105/550kg, £1055/570kg, £1010/520kg, £990/490kg, Robert Wallace £1135/600kg, Nigel Stevenson £1125/660kg, £1000/620kg, £1000/610kg, £1000/590kg, £970/600kg, Yvone Rodgers £1090/570kg, £1030/560kg, £1010/540kg, Andrew McClements £1020/520kg, £1000/490kg, £995/520kg, £985/520kg, £960/480kg, Robert Wallace £950/510kg, £895/520kg, £890/480kg, G Christie £945/520kg, £885/480kg, £880/470kg, Thomas Bradley £930/580kg, £915/560kg, Thomas Henderson £925/510kg, John Nutt £915/490kg, Yvone Rodgers £905/500kg, Andrew McClements £900/480kg, Seamus McKeever £890/520KG.


Mervyn Rodgers £1275/630kg, £1245/570kg, £1120/610kg, £1115/550kg, £1110/600kg, £1095/600kg, £1050/530kg, Robert Quigley £1150/650kg, £1065/620kg, C Cooke £1100/640kg, J Snodgrass £1055/530kg, G Christie £1030/500kg, £1020/500kg, £965/480kg, John Kennedy £1030/520kg, £1010/500kg, £990/480kg, £990/520kg, £985/490kg, J Snodgrass £990/510kg, Patrick McNicholl £950/530kg, G Christie £950/490kg, Hamilton Sayers £935/460kg,£885/440kg, £880/490kg, John Patton £935/570kg, Graeme Cowan £925/530kg, John Kennedy £885/480kg, Samuel Eaton £870/480kg, G Cowan £865/510kg, G Christie £850/460kg, John Patton £840/560kg, S McKeever £835/510kg, G Christie £830/500kgVincent McAteer £820 490kg, Hamilton Sayers £810/410kg, C McCloskey £810/450kg, Philip Bryson £800/510kg.