MARTS: Lisahally

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A great turnout of stock sold to top prices. Bullocks £1190/600kg, heifers £1265/750kg and suckler cows up to £1850.

BULLOCKS: D McKinley £1190/600kg, Andrew McKinley £1105/610kg, £1100/680kg, William Evans £1100/660kg, D McCrea £985/490kg, £910/500kg, £905/510kg, £900/480kg, £845/510kg, £800/430kg, £790/450kg, £765/490kg, £745/520kg, A Scott £905/420kg, £900/380kg, £890/360kg, Andrew McKinley £900/530kg, £860/430kg, £760/460kg, Kenneth Johnston £855/530kg, £795/430kg, Thomas McDaid £695/520kg, £660/490kg.

HEIFERS: Philip McShane £1265/750kg, £1130/640kg, £1080/610kg, £1065/610kg, David Snodgrass £1125/620kg, Norman Thompson £1100550kg, £1000/450kg, £1000/500kg, £940/520kg, £920/500kg, £910/500kg, £900/470kg, £845/500kg, £840/460kg,£840/480kg, £825/470kg, Donald Sayers £1075/650kg, £1055/600kg, £1030/600kg, £1025/580kg, £995/580kg, Robert McElrea £1035/530kg, £995/550kg, £905/530kg, William Evans £1000/550kg, £915/590kg, £900/580kg, Norman Thompson 900/470kg, £845/500kg, DN McCrea £860/540kg, K Nesbit £850/510kg, Robert McElrea £845/430kg, G Christie £840/490kg, £820/490kg, £810/440kg, £800/440kg, William Evans £810/570kg, £800/550kg, Robert McElrea £810/420kg, £810/430kg, £800/410kg, S Donnell £800/430kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Donald Sayers £1850, £1500, £1450, £1380, £1320, £1280, £1220, £1200, £1180, £1180, £1040, £1040, £980, £890.