MARTS: Lisnaskea


A larger entry this week sold to a very keen demand with many more quality lots required.

Leading prices


Lisnaskea Producer 510kg Lim. to £1085, 520kg Lim. to £1065, 460kg Lim. to £1065, 500kg Ch. to £1025, 410kg Lim. to £950, 450kg Ch. to £930, 350kg Ch. to £878, 410kg Ch. to £875, and 350kg Lim. to £780.

Lisnaskea Producer 540kg Ch. to £1045 twice, 480kg Sim. to £990, 500kg Ch. to £970, 410kg Sim. to £900, 420kg Sim. to £840, and 350kg Sim. to £650. (More quality lots needed)


Rosslea Producer 440kg B/Blue. to £828, 440kg Her. to £800 and 380kg Her. to £700. Letterbreen Producer 350kg Lim. to £742. Derrylin Producer 380kg Daq. to £645, and 350kg Daq. to £640. Rosslea Producer 320kg AA. to £514. (More quality store heifers required)


Lisnaskea Producer 440kg Ch. to £852. Teemore Producer 350kg AA. to £814 and 200kg AA. to £485. Newtownbutler Producer 220kg Lim. to £555,220kg Lim. to £550, 200kg Lim. to £546, 210kg Lim. to £545, 180kg Lim. to £530, 180kg Ch. to £522, 160kg Lim. to £508, 200kg Lim. to £505, 170kg Ch. to £500, and 200kg Lim. to £455. Derrylin Producer 340kg Lim. to £540 and 310kg Lim. to £550.


Newtownbutler Producer 320kg Ch. to £708, 300kg Lim. to £650, 270kg Ch. to £646 and 260kg Ch. to £616. Teemore Producer 420kg Lim. to £700, 360kg Lim. to £670, 310kg Lim. to £570, , 350kg Lim. to £545, and 320kg AA. to £470. Seskinore Producer 320kg Her. to £695, 300kg AA. to £640, and 250kg AA. to £502. Rosslea Producer 270kg Sim. to £570, 250kg Sim. to £570, and 290kg AAs. to £520 twice. Newtownbutler Producer 160kg Ch. to £455, 200kg Lim. to £452, and 160kg Lim. to £442. Newtownbutler Producer 170kg Lim. to £454.