MARTS: Markethill

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An entry of 1570 sheep at Markethill returned a much easier trade for fat hoggets. Cull ewes and lambs maintained a very good trade.

The 890 hoggets were slower to sell , however every lot was sold. Top rate of 344p per kilo was paid for 25 kilos at £86 each. All good quality pens sold from 310p to 323p per kilo. Over weight pens sold from £82 to £89.50 each. In all, 700 heavy hoggets averaged 27 kilos at £79.20 each (293p).

Light hoggets sold to 354p per kilo for 20.3 kilos at £72 each with several pens from 315p to 335p per kilo.

Heavy spring lambs sold from £88 to £96 each and up to 394p for 24 kilos at £94.50 each. Light lambs sold from 375p to 422p per kilo for 21 kilos at £89 each.

The 325 cull ewes sold in a very firm trade to a top of £133 each. All good quality pens from £90 to £128 each. Plainer ewes sold from £60 to £80 each.

Another full yard of ewes and lambs sold in an excellent trade. Top quality doubles sold to £232 each. Several more sold from £180 to £230 each. Singles sold to £220 each with a main demand from £140 to £185 each. Plainer outfits sold from £115 to £130 each.


Stewartstown farmer : 25k £86 344p : Hamiltonsbawn farmer : 24.5k £79.50 323p: Madden farmer : 24k £76 314p : Portadown farmer : 25.5k £80 311p : Hamiltonsbawn farmer : 24k £75 310p : Whitecross farmer: 24k £75 310p.


Richhill farmer : 20.3k £72 354p : Newtownhamilton farmer : 21.8k £73 335p : Newtownhamilton farmer : 20.6k £68 329p: Loughgilly farmer : 22.9 £74 323p.