MARTS: Plumbridge

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A strong trade again this week for store cattle and cows.

Heifers with calves at foot P and C. Kearney £1920, £1710, £1600, £1580, and £1500. In calf heifer £1610. Bullocks J. McConnell 460kg /£1045, 470kg/£1000, 420kg/£995, 420kg/£965, 400kg/£955, 440kg/£950, 370kg/£905, 370kg/£860, 370kg/£860, 360kg/£840. R. J. Keys 400kg/£890, 370kg/£730, 310kg/£660, D. Smyth 420kg/£860, 420kg/£860, 390kg/£860, 370kg/£820, 390kg/£820, 440kg/£850,390kg/£825, 370kg/£810,. S. Whelan 370kg/£875, 320kg/£775, 370kg/£745, 270kg/£695, 350kg/£785, C. Hood 390kg/£940, J. P. McBride 360kg/£870, 340kg/£800, 300kg/£770.

Heifers. A. Patterson 290kg/£845, 300kg/£850, 330kg/£760, 330kg/£740. O. McAleer 380kg/£910, J. J. McAleer 390kg/£870, 390kg/£805,410kg/£785, P. McBride 360kg/£860, 380kg/£830, 410kg/£830, 380kg/£800, 290kg/£745. P. V. O’Neill 420kg/£880, 390kg/£840, 320kg/£790, 310kg/£785, 340kg/£805. D. Smyth 370kg/£780, 360kg/£770, 380kg/£755.

Sheep. In lamb Hoggs M. McGurk £130 and £128. Fat Hoggs R. McKelvey 26kg/£93.50, P. Flanagan £88.50 and £87.50. Ewes with lambs M. McCullagh £152 and £150. Twins. Hugh Devine 4 ewes + 7 lambs £145, 2ewes +3 lambs £142.