MARTS: Pomeroy

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A smaller show of cattle this week sold to a flying trade. Bullocks £940/550kg, heifers £1015/550kg. More stock needed to meet demand.


Trevor Blair £940/550kg, William Matthews £905/450kg, £880/400kg,£780/410kg, A Hopper £900/320kg, Patrick Martin £850/460kg, £780/420kg, Patrick Donaghey £800/430kg, Trevor Blair £775/490kg, Peter Toner £615/400kg, £575/340kg, £560/340kg, £500/380kg.


Rose Keenan £1015/550kg, £965/510kg, £915/500kg,£905/500kg,£815/460kg, Gary Daly £950/540kg, S Kelly £835/420kg, £810/410kg, Patrick Martin £790/370kg, £755/400kg, Bracken Hill Farms £790, S Kelly £785/420kg, William Matthews £750/420kg, £660/310kg,£650/330kg, £640/300kg, Bracken Hill Farms £570/360kg.