MARTS: Pomeroy

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A smaller show of stock this week sold to a great trade. More stock needed to meet demand. Bullocks £1085/610kg and heifers up to £1550.


Eugene Daly £1085/610kg, £1030/550kg, £910/510kg, £905/560kg, Brian O’Neill £900/440kg,£845/510kg, £780/460kg, Michael McCullagh £895/440kg, Christopher Potter £700/330kg, Stephen Donnelly £690/420kg, James McLaughlin £665/310kg, £625/320kg, £605/270kg, £595/300kg, £575/260kg, £530/230kg, John Potter £615/270kg.


Patrick McCourt £1550, £1160, D Mallon £990/420kg, £970/430kg,Brian O’Neill £920/470kg, £840/500kg, £830/430kg, Patrick McCourt £900, £650/240kg, £570/310kg.