MARTS: Rathfriland

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A fast trade for sheep on Tuesday evening saw 25k lambs from Lisnacree Kilkeel sell at £92.

The top 10 lot sold from £90 to £92 per head. Fat ewes were also a great trade with farmers from Dromore and Jerrettspass each selling ewes at £102 each.


Lisnacree farmer: 25k £92. Whitehill farmer: 25.5k £92. Ballywillwill farmer: 27.5k £91.50. Poyntzpass farmer: 30k £91. Katesbridge farmer: 23k £90.50. Katesbridge farmer: 26k £90. Annaclone farmer: 2 lots of 29k £90. Hilltown farmer: 24.5k £88.50. Edenagarry farmer: 22.5k £82.50. Castlewellan farmer: 20k £76. Tullyniskey farmer: 20k £76 and 16k £68. Ballynahinch farmer: 17.5k £71.50. Closkelt farmer: 16.5k £69.50. Kilcoo farmer: 18k £71. Banbridge farmer: 16.5k £66.


Dromore farmer: £102. Jerrettspass farmer: £102. Edenagarry farmer: £98. Ballinaskeagh farmer: £94. Aghaderg farmer: £93. Closkelt farmer: £93. Dromore farmer: £90 etc.

Monday’s dairy sale at the Co-Op had an entry of 50 head, with all but 4 cattle sold in a much better trade. A batch of 20 non-pedigree springing and maiden heifers and 2 calved heifers sold to £1500 from the Newcastle herd. The Annalong pedigree herd reached £1500 for freshly calved heifers. A special entry from the Cascum herd reached £1500 with springing cows to £1480, £1450, £1450 etc. M. W. Patterson & sons sold 4 Friesians freshly calved at £1420, £1420, £1400 and £1350. A batch of young maiden heifers from 2 to 6 months old sold to £400 for each of 5.