MARTS: Rathfriland


Cattle prices showed a noticeable increase on Friday especially with the weanling and heifer section.

A Ballynahinch farmer topped the weanling section at £900 for a Hereford with his pen of 10 averaging over £800 each. An Auglisnafin farmer reached £890 for an 8 month old Lim male. A 372k Her from Ballynahinch sold at £815. An Annalcone farmer sold 330k Lim heifer at £700 with 200k weanlings to £650 or 325 pence per kilo. Store heifers sold to £945 for a 490k Lim from Dromara with a larger entry in this category. Bullocks sold to £1130 for an average Hereford from Katesbridge. Suckler cows sold to £1280 for an Angus cow and calf from Co Armagh. Breeding bulls to £1280 for a Ch from Dromara. A big entry of dropped calves cleared up to £405 for a Hereford bull from Ballynahinch. Angus bulls to £375 for a Carnew farmer. F.C.K. bulls to £325 for a Derrylecka farmer.


Ballynahinch farmer: Her bull £405. Carnew farmer: AA bull £375. Ballykeel farmer: Her bull £335. Lisburn farmer: pen of FCK bulls £320, £305 etc. Derrylecka farmer: £325, £290 and £265 for 3 Lim heifers. Ballymacarn farmer: Sh bull £320. Ballynahinch farmer: 2 heifers £290 each. Maghergall farmer: 2 AA bulls £280 each. Downpatrick farmer: Pen of Fr bulls from £60 to £80. Fr bulls sold in a lesser trade.


Drumaness farmer: 10 Her males 480k at £900, 438k at £850, 450k at £850, 398k at £835, 436k at £835, 406k at £830, 372k at £815 etc. Cabra farmer: 406k at £825, 362k at £775, 360k at £685. Ballyroney farmer: 368k at £765 and 388k at £800. Ballyward farmer: 280k at £805, 292k at £805, 342k at £790, 316k at£770, 270k at £765, 262k at £740, 234k at £730 etc. Armagh farmer: 372k at £760, 340k at £720. Aughlisnafin farmer: 436k at £890. Milford farmer: 376k at £690, 288k at £645, 274k at £630, 214k at £600. Lisburn farmer: 244k at £640, 300k at £612, 290k at £600 etc. Gilford farmer: 280k at £675, 302k at £800, 350k at £790, 344k at £780, 304k at £765, 294k at £710, 232k at £700, 200k at £650 etc.


Dromara farmer: 490k at £945, 468k at £890 and 446k at £835, 400k at £750. Kinallen farmer: 562k at £930. Cullyhanna farmer: 422k at £800 and 438k at £790. Crossmaglen farmer: 370k at £650 and 294k at £570. Katesbridge farmer: 470k at £855, 446k at £820, 400k at £755, 410k at £760 (twice), 404k at £700 etc.


A breeding Ch bull from Dromara sold at £1280. Suckler cows with calves at foot to £1280 for a Co Armagh farmer. Fat cows to £885 for 740k from Mayobridge.


Katesbridge farmer: 610k at £1130 average and 610k at £1125, 558k at £1045 and 524k at £920. Castlewellan farmer: 472k at £915, 416k at £805 and 434k at £785. Dromara farmer: 606k FCK at £955. Katesbridge farmer: 584k at £1090. Gilford farmer: 560k at £935. Banbridge farmer: 306k at £655 and 446k at £775.

350 hogget ewes sold in a lighter trade than expected on Monday evening at the first breeding sale of the season. A Hilltown farmer topped the sale at £145 for 2 lots of Suffolk cross. A Newry farmer reached £142 for 6 hoggets while a Cabra farmer sold 2 lots at £135 and £132. A second Hilltown farmer sold several lots at £132 with a Katesbridge farmer reaching £130. Several texel rams sold to £280 for a Corbett farmer. On Tuesday evening over 1000 lambs sold to £70 per head for 25.5k from Ballywillwill. A Dromara farmer sold 2 lots of 26k at £68. A Poyntzpass farmer also received £68 for 2 lots. Light lambs sold to 321.4 pence per kilo for 14k at £45 from Rostrevor. The 21k lots sold to £54.50 for a Hillsborough farmer. All light stores sold at over £3.00 per kilo.


A Corbett farmer reached £99 and £91 for ewes. An Aghaderg farmer sold 17 ewes at £81 with a Katesbridge farmer reaching £80. Mount Ida farmer: £79 etc.