MARTS: Rathfriland

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On Friday, almost 500 cattle came under the hammer with another good entry of weanlings selling to £1050 followed by £1010 and £1000 for a Ballyward farmer. This followed on from a great weanling sale on Monday evening when good quality weanlings cleared up to £500 over their weight.

The 128 bullocks excelled in price. A Kilkeel farmer reached £1235 for a 640k Lim. A Poyntzpass farmer: £1215 for a 640k BB and £1115 for a 592k BB. A 550k Lim from Ballymartin sold at £1070. Big entries of fat cows and heifers saw £950 paid for a 848k Holstein cow from Jerrettspass. Sim cows for 748k from Dromara. Heifers sold to £950 for a 500k lot from Drumarkin and to 211 pence per kilo for a 344k Ch at £725. Dropped calves were a flying trade with a 1 month old Ch bull calf at £480 from a Kilcoo farmer and 1 Lim heifer from the same farm at £370. 2 Hereford bulls from Castlewellan sold at £425 each.


Kilcoo farmer: Ch bulls £480, £390 and £320, Lim heifer at £370. Castlewellan farmer: 2 Her bulls £425 each. Tassagh farmer: 13 calves with £380 and £330 for Hereford bulls. Warrenpoint farmer: Lim bull £320 and Lim heifers £270 and £255. Katesbridge farmer: Fr bulls to £320 and Lim bulls to £320. Mayobridge farmer: 2 AA heifers £240 each. Annalong farmer: 2 AA heifers £240 each. Ballyholand farmer: BB bulls £280 and £240. Braque farmer: BB bulls £290 and £280. Strong Fr bulls from Cabra: £290, £200 and £215. A Dromara farmer averaged £135 for a pen of Fr bulls.


Ballyward farmer: 550k at £1050, 544k at £1010, 498k at £1000, 460k at £980, 460k at £925, 470k at £915, 450k at £900, 490k at £8880, 384k at £720, 350k at £700 and 380k at £700. Warringstown farmer: 480k at £880. Cabra farmer: 300k at £785, 282k at £730 and 266k at £600. Edenagarry farmer: 298k at £785, 298k at £735, 294k at £700, 256k at £730, 260k at £705 and 250k at £680. Banbridge farmer: 254k at £680, 250k at £600 and 298k at £665. Crumlin farmer: 250k at £635 (twice), 256k at £755, 300k at £730 and 308k at £715.


Drumarkin farmer: 500k at £950, 540k at £915, 500k at £900, 502k at £880, 468k at £810. Katesbridge farmer: 498k at £935, 500k at £835. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 342k at £690, 354k at £680, 380k at £720. Kinallen farmer: 526k at £920, 438k at £850 and 466k at £850. Poyntzpass farmer: 318k at £555, 376k at £605, 326k at £560. Lisburn farmer: 452k at £850, 432k at £800 and 456k at £745. Donaghmore farmer: 480k at £805, 436k at £750, 412k at £740, 426k at £800 and 486k at £805.


A larger entry of fat cows sold to £950 for a 848k Holstein from Jerrettspass. 2 Sim cows from Kinallen: 748k at £850 and 752k at £800. Holstein cows from £300 to £750.


Kilkeel farmer: 640k at £1235. Poyntzpass farmer: 648k at £1215, 492k at £1115, 614k at £1115, 620k at £1100, 580k at £1050, 570k at £1045, 588k at £1035 and 588k at £1030. Ringbane farmer: 600k at £1100, 614k at £1020, 560k at £1015, 532k at £940, 582k at £990 etc. Ballymartin farmer: 550k at £1070, 526k at £1000, 514k at £930, 464k at £905. Donaghmore farmer: 470k at £945, 464k at £935, 450k at £930 and 430k at £785. Banbridge farmer: 472k at 970, 480k at £945, 484k at £940, 478k at £935, 464k at £930, 440k at £890, 402k at £885 etc. Warrenpoint farmer: 480k at £875, 390k at £750, 308k at £675, 324k at £675, 314k at £670. Warringstown farmer: 478k at £900, 550k at £950, 494k at £890, 464k at £870 and 474k at £890 etc.


Some excellent quality calves on Monday evening saw Ballyward estates reach £995, £950 and £940 for an average of £480k. Castlewellan farmer: 420k at £825 and 470k at £815. Dromore farmer: 408k at £810. Heifer calves sold to £700 for 368k from Scarva. Ballyward farmer: 294k at £630. Annsborough farmer: 272k at £570, 262k at £555. Dromore farmer: 288k at £570. Drumkeenagh farmer: 268k at £550 etc.

Final suckler Sale on Monday 19th October at 7.00pm.

A highlight of Tuesday evening’s sale was one lamb presented by Fred Sloane of Drumlough, Rathfriland. The proceeds of this lamb went to Newry Hospice. After spirited bidding and being sold over 7 times, the final amount of £780 was paid to the Hospice.

Over 400 lambs sold well with some very heavy lots in the entry. A Hamiltonsbawn farmer topped the sale at £73 for 20 lambs 28k each. A Gransha South farmer sold 30k at £72 as si a Ballywillwill farmer for 26k. Farmers from Ballymartin, Ballynahinch, Keady, Kilcoo and Rathfriland all sold 26k lambs at £69. Light lambs sold from 305p to 326p per kilo.


Fat rams reached £88 for a Dromara farmer. Fat ewes sold to £78 for a Drumlough farmer with most ewes making from £60 to £78. Breeding rams sold to £200 per head.