MARTS: Swatragh

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Cattle: A super entry of quality cattle at Swatragh cattle mart on Monday 24th November sold very very briskly with prices very buoyant.

Bullocks selling to £1,070 for 470kg. Heifers selling to £950 for 450kg and fat cows selling to £880,more quality stock is required to meet demand.

Sample prices:

Bullocks: Maghera Producer 470kg,£1,070;326kg,£850;328kg,£805; 428kg,£1,005; 328kg,£805; 454kg,£955; 438kg,£925;510kg,£985;436kg,£935; 484kg,£945; 448kg,£900;Garvagh Producer 434kg,£905; 418kg,£905.

Heifers: Maghera Producer 450kg,£950;262kg,£585; 298kg,£680;440kg,£930; 302kg,£545;396kg,£900;366kg, £790;438kg,£935; Swatragh Producer 434kg,£860.

Sheep: An excellent seasonal entry of 800 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 22nd November witnessed a very buoyant trade in all categories. Several pens of Lambs sold well in excess of £82.00 each to a top rate of £88.00. Store Lamb trade was again extremely buoyant at a top of 400p per kilo for 15.75 kilos at £63.00 each.Ewes sold to £89.00

Sample prices:

Lambs: Desertmartin Producer 1 Lamb 28kg at 88.00 = 314p Pomeroy Producer 4 Lambs 26kg at 85.00 = 327p; Upperlands Producer 3 Lambs 28kg at 84.00 = 300p; Pomeroy Producer 7 Lambs 26kg at £83.50 = 321p; Upperlands Producer 15 Lambs 24.5kg at 83.50 = 341p;Garvagh Producer 14 Lambs 25kg at £83.00 – 332p; Garvagh Producer 14 Lambs 25kg at 83.00 = 332p;

Store lambs: Garvagh Producer 14 Lambs at 15.75kg at 63.00 = 400p; Swatragh Producer 22 Lambs at 18.75kg at 74.20 = 396p; Maghera Producer 22 Lambs 17.75kg at 69.20 =390p Maghera Producer 21 Lambs at 17.25kg at 67.20 = 390p; Swatragh Producer 20 Lambs 17.5kg at 67.80 =387p Garvagh Producer 3 Lambs at 17.75kg at 64.00 = 361p.

Ewes: Coleraine Producer 1Texel at 89.00 ;Coagh Producer 1 Suffolk at 88; Draperstown Producer 1 Suffolk at 87.