MARTS: Swatragh

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Cattle: A good entry of quality cattle on Monday 9th February sold very briskly with some exceptional prices,more quality stock is required to meet demand. Heifers selling to £950 for 500kgs while bullocks sold to £880 for 292kgs.

Sample prices: Heifers - Swatragh Producer 500kg,£950;500kg,£925;Swatragh Producer 360kg, £720; 260kg, £610;Ringsend Producer 244kg, £645;168kg,£350,210kg,£350;Swatragh Producer 400kg, £780;404kg, £830;Magherafelt Producer 274kg, £660.

Bullocks: Swatragh Producer 292kg,£880;340kg, £800;366kg, £800; 390kg, £900; Swatragh Producer 266kg, £740; 276kg, £830;340kg,£750; 288kg,£730;284kg,£740;332kg,£830; Swatragh Producer 358kg,£900;Swatragh Producer 286kg,£755;274kg, £620; 346kg, £695;290kg,£635;358kg,£690.

Sheep: An excellent entry of over 900 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 7th February witnessed trade very strong in all categories. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £85 each to a top rate of £87.50. Middleweight lambs sold from 364p to 386p Per kilo for 20 kilos at £77.20 each. Store trade was a lot firmer to a top of 400p per kilo for 17 kilos at £68.00 each.Ewes sold to £119, Ewes and Lambs at Foot sold to £248.

Sample prices:

Heavyweight lambs: Garvagh Producer 10 Lambs 26.25kg at 87.50 =333p;Ballymoney Producer 14 Lambs 28.75kg at 87.20 = 303p;Garvagh Producer 11 Lambs 26.7kg at 87.00 =326p; Draperstown Producer 1 Lamb 29kg at 86.50; = 298p Kilrea Producer 13 Lambs 24.5kg at 85.40 =349p;Coleraine Producer 1 Lamb 25kg at 85.20 =341p;Upperlands Producer 15 Lambs 24kg at 85.00 = 354p;

Middleweight lambs: Garvagh Producer 4 Lambs 20kg at 77.20 = 386p.Draperstown Producer 2 Lambs 22.5kg at 82.60 =367p Maghera Producer 6 Lambs 21.5kg at 79.00 = 367p; Dungiven Producer 5 Lambs 22.5kg at 82.00 =364p;Coagh Producer 4 Lambs 20kg at 73.00 = 365p.

Store lambs: Garvagh Producer 1 Lamb 17kg at 68.00 =400p Coleraine Producer 2 Lambs 17kg at 67.00 =394p Maghera Producer 6 Lambs 17kg at 65.00 = 382p Garvagh Producer 1 Lamb 17kg at 68.00 =400p;Maghera Producer 5 Lambs 17.25kg at 63.00 = 365p.

Ewes: Maghera Producer 1 Suffolk at 119.00 ;Draperstown Producer 2 Texels at 106.