MARTS: Swatragh

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Cattle: A seasonal entry of quality cattle on Monday 22nd June sold to a very sharp trade with some exceptional prices,more quality stock is required to meet demand. Bullocks sold to £1,085 for 500kgs while heifers sold to £615 for 250kgs.

Sample prices:

Bullocks: Swatragh Producer 500kg,£1,085;490kg,£980;482kg, £980; 458kg,£950; 478kg,£850;Moneymore Producer 500kg,£1,030;434kg,£840;Garvagh Producer 426kg, £830; 400kg,£810;396kg, £800;

Heifers: Garvagh Producer 250kg,£615;298kg,£560;254kg, £455; 258kg,£535; 316kg, £550; 266kg, £535; Swatragh Producer 416kg,£860;404kg, £750; 462kg,£780;426kg, £700;Greysteel Producer 390kg,£710;284kg,£550;442kg,£820;Garvagh Producer 372kg, £600.

Sheep: An excellent seasonal entry of 920 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 20th June witnessed trade not as strong as in previous weeks in a number of categories. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £64.00 each to a top rate of £76.20.Ewes sold to £75.00 with Ewes and Lambs to £166.

Sample prices:

Heavyweight lambs: Maghera Producer 3 Lambs 26kg at 75.00 = 288p; Magherafelt Producer 18 Lambs 26kg at 69.00 =265p;Glarrtford Producer 1 Lamb 27kg at 67.50 =250p; Kilrea Producer 2 Lambs 27.5kg at 82.60 =300p;Coagh Producer 9 Lambs 25kg at 81.20 =325p; Draperstown Producer 1 Lamb 26kg at 80.20 =308p.

Middleweight lambs: Magherafelt Producer 5 Lambs 21.75kg at 76.20 = 350p; Toomebridge Producer 40 Lambs 22.4kg at 68.00 =304p;Garvagh Producer 6 Lambs 23.5kg at 67.00 =285p; Garvagh Producer 10 Lambs 23kg at 66.20 =288p.

Ewes: Maghera Producer 2 Texels at 75.00; Kilrea Producer 2 Suffolks at 70.50.