MARTS: Swatragh

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Cattle: A strong seasonal entry of quality cattle on Monday 20th July sold to a very sharp trade with some exceptional prices,more quality stock is required to meet demand. Bullocks sold to £1,020 for 524kgs while heifers sold to £1,085 for 540kgs and fat cows to £930.

Sample prices: Bullocks: Magherafelt Producer 524kg,£1,020;554kg,£1,005;372kg,£815;366kg, £735; Garvagh Producer 358kg,£810;332kg, £855;334kg, £655;Swatragh Producer 356kg,£760; 414kg,£810;360kg,£700;410kg,£950;364kg, £900;Garvagh Producer 290kg,£640;374kg, £850; 356kg,£740;350kg, £885;382kg,£820;Maghera Producer 424kg, £910;336kg,£850;352kg,£825;426kg,£800;448kg, £920;390kg;£870;Magherafelt Producer 424kg,£755; 386kg,£735;410kg,£770;438kg,£780;424kg, £670;Garvagh Producer 368kg,£620;468kg, £825.

Heifers: Swatragh Producer 540kg,£1,085;Swatragh Producer 392kg,£715;366kg, £840 382kg,£780;404kg,£795;434kg,£820;Claudy Producer 324kg,£605;334kg,£525;340kg, £455; Magherafelt Producer 242kg,£445;242kg, £445;336kg, £745;Garvagh Producer 496kg,£920; 284kg,£570;318kg,£725;362kg,£725;294kg, £605;270kg,£380;332kg, £685; 252kg, £500:

Sheep: An excellent seasonal entry of 1,420 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 18th July witnessed lamb trade similar not as good as the previous week.Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £65.00 each to a top rate of £68.00. Ewes sold to £90.00 with ewes and lambs to £170. Sample prices: Heavyweight lambs: Toomebridge Producer 1 Lamb 28kg at 68.00 = 243p; Magherafelt Producer 1 Lamb 26kg at 67.00 =258p;Draperstown Producer 2 Lambs 25kg at 66.00 =264p; Bushmills Producer 13 Lambs 25kg at 65.50 =262p;Portglenone Producer 15 Lambs 26kg at 65.00 =250p; Magherafelt Producer 63Lamb 25kg at 65.00 =260p. Middleweight lambs: Swatragh Producer 12 Lambs 23.25kg at 63.00 = 271p; Ballintoy Producer 44 Lambs 22.9kg at 62.50 =273p;Moneymore Producer 17 Lambs 23kg at 62.50 =272p; Swatragh Producer 22 Lambs 23kg at 62.00 =270p. Ewes; Maghera Producer 2 Texels at 90.00 ;Dungiven Producer 2 Suffolks at 85.00.