MARTS: Swatragh

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Cattle: Another strong seasonal entry of quality cattle on Monday 31st August sold to a firmer trade than last week with some exceptional prices, more quality stock is required to meet demand.

Bullocks sold to £1,200 for 558kgs while Heifers sold to £870 for 370kgs.

Sample prices:

Bullocks: Swatragh Producer 558kg,£1,200; 436kg,£895;476kg,£1,000; 440kg,£800;354kg, £1740; 514kg,£840; 418kg, £810; 482kg, £930; 396kg,£780; 474kg,£935; 516kg,£980; 404kg,£860;Upperlands Producer 406kg,£705; 286kg,£540;Swatragh Producer 426kg, £850; 538kg,£995; 574kg, £1,050; 464kg, £830; 458kg,£1,005; 3476kg,£1,025;Garvagh Producer 486kg,£1,040; 566kg,£1,175; 510kg,£990; 500kg,£945; 584kg,£1,100; 460kg,£910; Garvagh Producer 332kg, £640; 320kg,£685; 276kg, £585;Garvagh Producer 466kg, £780; 474kg,£740; 524kg,£995; 354kg,£500.

Heifers: Swatragh Producer 370kg,£870; 380kg,£835; 408kg,£770; 410kg,£830; 392kg,£760;Bellaghy Producer 388kg,£675; 380kg,£650; 336kg, £530; 410kg,£670; 318kg, £540; Upperlands Producer 324kg, £750; 378kg,£685; 382kg,£805; 310kg,£580; 304kg,£685; Garvagh Producer 402kg, £745; 450kg,£770; 440kg,£810; 434kg,£825; 436kg,£770.

Sheep: A very strong seasonal entry of 1,870 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 29th August witnessed lamb trade slightly better than the previous week. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £64.00 each to a top rate of £67.00.

Middleweight lambs sold to £61.50 for 21.9kg while store lambs were very good and sold to £51.00 for 15.25kg,ewes sold to £120.00.

Sample prices:

Heavyweight lambs: Garvagh Producer 1 Lamb 28kg at 67.00 = 239p; Draperstown Producer 1 Lamb 28kg at 67.00 =239p; Cookstown Producer 15 Lambs 25kg at 66.00 =264p; Claudy Producer 4 Lamb 25kg at 64.50 =258p;Swatragh Producer 5 Lambs 26.5kg at 64.50 =243p; Toomebridge Producer 6 Lambs 24.75kg at 64.00 =269p;

Middleweight lambs: Garvagh Producer 21 Lambs 21.9kg at 61.50 = 281p; Cookstown Producer 10 Lambs 23.75kg at 61.20 =258p; Garavgh Producer 9 Lambs 22kg at 60.60 =275p; Limavady Producer 28 Lambs 22.25kg at 58.20 =262p.

Store lambs; Coleraine Producer 12 Lambs 15.25kg at 51.00 =334p; Bellaghy Producer 19 Lambs 17.25kg at 55.00 = 319p; Magherafelt Producer 10 Lambs 14.25kg at 47.00 =330p.

Ewes; Garvagh Producer 1 Suffolk at 120.00; Kilrea Producer 2 Texels at 108.