Maximise the return from grass

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After the start of August, most farms have paddocks that are growing less than 2 tonne DM/ha. If you want to drive production, these fields need to be improved, and reseeding is a big part of this process.

Reseeding in autumn will mean that fields will be in full production next spring, producing both quantity and quality grass. This is in contrast to old swards producing poor spring growth and poor quality feed.

At this stage, the key is to figure out which fields need attention most urgently and decide on the method that best fits your requirements.

Soil Fertility

Prior to reseeding, it is crucial to carry out soil tests for Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and pH, testing to a minimum of 10cm soil depth. Where soil fertility is at an optimum, it will require two to three bags of 10-10-20, plus 1 tonne of lime minimum, to provide enough P to feed the sward, kick start early growth, and allow the sward to reach its full potential.

Reseeding with quality

Deciding whether your sward will be used for grazing or silage will influence your grass mixture choice. Agritech’s Tipperary Grass Seed range has a mixture to suit every situation. What makes the Tipperary Grass Seed range unique is that every mixture is treated with GroQuik®, a biological seed stimulant which has been proven to accelerate germination and especially root growth in both grasses and clover. This will help to produce more grass on farm and reduce the requirement for concentrate feed.

Post Management

All the benefits of reseeding can be lost after sowing if attention is not paid to weed and pest control. It is essential that post-emergence control of weeds such as docks and chickweed are carried out four to six weeks after emergence, when the grass is at the two to three leaf stage. High populations of weeds such as fat hen and redshank can be problematic also.

It is also essential to watch out for the three most significant pests of reseeds, frit fly, leatherjackets and slugs, and treat accordingly.

For further advice on autumn reseeding or to choose a suitable grass mixture from the Tipperary Grass Seed range, contact your local Agritech distributor or visit