Maximising your grazing efficiency

David Morgan, Crystalyx
David Morgan, Crystalyx

Since grazed grass is still one of the cheapest feeds available farm profitability depends on making full use of it, writes David Morgan, of Caltech-Crystalyx.

Independent trial work carried out at Newcastle University has shown that Crystalyx increases the rate of forage digestion by rumen bacteria (by up to 16%). This stimulates grass intakes due to a reduced gut fill effect, increasing grass intake rather than replacing it.

And that’s not all. Crystalyx also increases forage digestibility (D value), so animals actually get more energy out of what they eat. These benefits continue throughout the grazing season, as long as forage supplies remain plentiful.

A trial undertaken at Aberystwyth University with 240kg growing heifers at grass, showed that free access to Crystalyx Cattle Booster increased daily liveweight gains by 27% over control heifers (809g/d for Crystalyx vs 633g/d for controls). Crystalyx intakes averaged 108g/heifer/day.

Another large trial in New Zealand with 319 replacement dairy heifers split into four mobs (two control and two fed Crystalyx) showed a 95% pregnancy rate in the control heifers and a 100% pregnancy rate in both Crystalyx groups, the Crystalyx-fed heifers were also, on average, four days further in-calf, meaning they had been served earlier by the bull, suggesting an earlier and stronger oestrus when Crystalyx is fed.

Crystalyx Cattle Booster provides all the minerals, trace elements and vitamins needed to balance grass, which is essential for optimum animal performance, fertility and health.

But the rumen bugs also need a source of energy and minerals to help them digest the grass and the “little and often” trickle feeding system supplied by Crystalyx is 
an ideal method of ensuring this.

When it comes to making the best use of grass – Crystalyx really does take some licking.