Maximize lamb growth rates with Liquidgold

HVS' Paul Elwood on-farm with Alan Irwin, farm manager with Crosby Cleland, Saintfield, Co Down earlier this week
HVS' Paul Elwood on-farm with Alan Irwin, farm manager with Crosby Cleland, Saintfield, Co Down earlier this week

The coming weeks will be critical from a lamb management point of view, according to Paul Elwood of HVS Animal Health.

“Lamb crops are exceptionally high this year, so it makes sense for flock owners to ensure that growth rates are boosted,” he said.

“The more animals they have to sell and the heavier their weight at the back end, the greater will be the margin generated for the business as a whole.

“Grass is the cheapest feed on every sheep farm. But it is far from balanced, as a nutrition source for lambs.

“What’s more, the higher stocking density now prevalent on most farms may put pressure on grass availability once we get into June.”

Paul went on to confirm that drenching lambs with HVS Liquid Gold Sheep will help boost lamb growth rates post weaning.

“The product represents the next generation of chelated mineral and drenches,” he said. “A 10ml per head dose is all that’s required. And it can be easily administered as lambs are being wormed.”

Numerous trials have confirmed that HVS Liquid Gold Sheep can improve the performance and DLWG of those lambs treated.

Paul Elwood again: “Trials have shown a 1.24 kilos of extra gain in just five weeks. As a consequence, lambs will be ready for market sooner, thereby releasing precious acres for other stock. There is also evidence to suggest that lambs which thrive better, have superior conformation and will kill out better than animals maintained on a lower plane of nutrition.”

Paul also pointed out that HVS Liquid Gold Sheep can be used very effectively to boost the daily liveweight gains of this year’s lambs - commercial and pedigree - which are being retained as breeding replacements.

“The same principle holds for lambs destined for sale as flock replacements later in the year,” he added. “Buyers will always pay a superior price for lambs with that bit more scope and frame.”

He concluded: “Sheep producers have a wonderful opportunity this year to maximise the output levels generated from their enterprise. The tremendous lamb crops recorded across Northern Ireland earlier in the spring have laid the foundation for this.

“The good news is that HVS Liquid Gold Sheep can help convert all of this potential into extremely high numbers of high quality lambs in a few weeks’ time.”

For further information, contact HVS Animal Health on (028) 44831700