Mayo HealthCare launches new Bolus

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An established method of tackling udder health challenges without antibiotics is being exploited by an Irish-based manufacturer with the launch of a new bolus containing allicin.

The Maycillin udder health bolus, developed by Mayo Healthcare, is engineered to release the active compound allicin, which is a sulfoxide amino acid of Allicin.

Allicin in bolus form is used extensively in several countries as an alternative to antibiotics in both clinical and sub-clinical challenges – There are mature markets in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Holland – but it is the first time that this novel technology has been manufactured in Ireland.

Mayo Healthcare director Killian O’Briain says the bolus allows farmers to tackle udder health performance in an effective way without the use of antibiotics.

His company has spent the last 18 months researching and developing the product.

“There is tremendous pressure on dairy farmers to reduce their reliance on antibiotics and a great urgency to find alternatives,” said Mr O’Briain.

“Estimates vary widely on the mastitis costs to farmers. A conservative estimate puts it at £70/cow/year.

“It is widely accepted that once a cow goes over somatic cell count (SCC) greater than 100,000 cells/ml, milk yield and quality will decrease.”

The Maycillin bolus aids udder health and provides the cow with post-calving transition support.

Once the bolus is given to a cow it is effective for 21 days and, crucially, there is no residue; therefore, no milk withdrawal period.

“Problems vary from cow to cow and from farm to farm but Mayo Healthcase has trialled Maycillin extensively on trial farms in the Republic of Ireland over the last six months and the results have been consistent,’’ reports Killian O’Briain.

Mayo Healthcare in conjunction with Westway Health (a Biopharmaceutical company) has a track record in manufacturing novel non-antibiotic products for use in the dairy and livestock sectors.

Maycillin bolus dose rate for cows over 500kg is two boluses. Applicators that hold two boluses are available from stockists.

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