McGlone raises safety concerns with slurry deadline

SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone
SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone

SDLP agriculture spokesperson Patsy McGlone MLA has raised concerns about hard and fast slurry deadlines which put farm safety and the environment at risk.

Mr McGlone raised the issue at the Stormont Agriculture Committee this week.

He said: “Hard and fast deadlines for slurry spreading on farms across the north are wreaking havoc in rural communities across the north.

“Those living on or near farms will understand the dangers as pressure grows on farm workers to meet these deadlines, working in poor weather conditions and putting their own safety at risk. The ordinary risks of working with slurry are heightened in these circumstances and it is taking its toll.”

Mr McGlone added: “There’s also the risk to our environment. Spreading slurry against a deadline in the pouring rain increase the risk of runoff and threatens nearby wildlife and waterways.

“The minister should give consideration to flexibility around slurry deadlines to make farm work safer and to protect our environment.”