Medium weights sell from 205-222ppk for a 460kg Ch at 1020 at Enniskillen

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In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 210-237ppk for a 364kg Lim at 865.

Medium weights sold from 205-222ppk for a 460kg Ch at 1020.

Heavy lots selling from 190-202p/kg for a Ch 582kg at £1170 and selling up to £1255.

BULLOCKS: Florencecourt producer 364kg at 865 Lim, Florencecourt producer 460kg at 1020 Ch, Florencecourt producer 480kg at 1020 Ch, Lisbellaw producer 424kg at 925 Lim, Letterbreen producer 482kg at 1035 Ch, Pomeroy producer 572kg at 1155 Lim, Pomeroy producer 582kg at 1170 Ch, Florencecourt producer 482kg at 1045 Ch.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £550 to £930 paid for a 412kg Ch while heifers ranged from £500 to £925 for a 319kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Culkey producer 412kg Ch steer at 930, Tempo producer 351kg Ch steer at 860, Enniskillen producer 377kg Lim steer at 880, 318kg Ch hfr at 700, 401kg Ch steer at 890, Clogher producer 401kg Ch steer at 850, 319kg Ch hfr at 925, 405kg Ch hfr at 920, 342kg Ch hfr at 900, Tempo producer 376kg Ch bull at 810, 308kg, Roslea producer 354kg Ch bull at 800, 354kg Ch hfr at 730, Enniskillen producer 358kg Daq hfr at 730, 260kg Lim bull at 600, 268kg Lim hfr at 595, 356kg Lim hfr at 805, Enniskillen producer 432kg Ch hfr at 960, 418kg Ch steer at 820.

CALVES: Killadeas producer BB hfr at 335, Irivinestown producer Ch hfr at 320, Enniskillen producer Ch bull at 305, Kinawley producer Ch hfr at 300, Florencecourt producer AA bull at 320, Florencecourt producer AA bull at 310, Florencecourt producer Her hfr at 300, Garrison producer Lim hfr at 285, Ballinamallard producer Fr bull at 80.

SUCKLER COWS: FMT producer Her cow with bull calf at 1840, Garrison producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1390, Dromore producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1340, Garrison producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1230, Clogher producer Fkv cow with bull calf at 1230, Omagh producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1260, Derrygonnelly producer springing Ch hfr at 1000.

Cast cows: 712kg AA at 900, 640kg Lim at 915, 680kg Lim at 990, 830kg Lim at 935, 1150kg Sim bull at 1335, 530kg Ch at 825, 490kg Lim at 825, 684kg Lim at 945, 620kg Sim at 885, 680kg BB at 810, 510kg Fr at 595, 570kg BB at 840.