Meeting to discuss new housing in Ballyhornan

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The Housing Executive wants to hear if you want to move to live in Ballyhornan.

The organisation is undertaking an examination of the area’s housing need. As part of this work, the Housing Executive is hosting an event in partnership with Ballyhornan and District Community Association on the 25th January 2017 at the Ballyhornan Family Centre in Ballyhornan.

During the event, there will be a chance to discuss the potential for a new housing development in the area and a chance to find out more about living in social/affordable housing.

For the existing residents of Ballyhornan, the Housing Executive’s grants team will be on hand to discuss the availability of the disabled facilities grant, which will help people to remain in their own homes for longer. The Housing Executive’s grant team will also advise on the availability of the boiler replacement and Affordable Warmth schemes which are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of eligible homes.

The Housing Executive’s South Down Area Manager Owen McDonnell said: “The Housing Executive recognises the growing pressures from rural communities for local, affordable homes, and the need to address increasing levels of unfitness and fuel poverty in rural areas.

“As part of the process to determine housing need in Ballyhornan, we will carry out a latent demand test. Latent demand tests are undertaken to identify any hidden demand for social housing which may exist and to encourage those in housing need to register. This then helps decide where new housing might be required.

“Members of our grants team will be present at the event in Ballyhornan to provide advice on existing energy efficiency grants and disability facilities grants available.”

The Ballyhornan and District Community Association Chairperson Patricia Curran added: “We are pleased the Housing Executive is helping to host this event, showing its commitment to the Ballyhornan area. We would like to encourage anyone with an interest in living or returning to live in Ballyhornan to get in touch with the Housing Executive (03448 920 900) to express an interest and complete a simple housing form.”