Members of the World Jersey Bureau on visit

Jersey breeders Ashley Fleming (left) and Mark Logan (right) discussing plans for the upcoming Jersey Bureau event in Northern Ireland with United Feeds' Clarence Calderwood
Jersey breeders Ashley Fleming (left) and Mark Logan (right) discussing plans for the upcoming Jersey Bureau event in Northern Ireland with United Feeds' Clarence Calderwood

Members of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau will visit Northern Ireland for the first time next month, courtesy of the organisation’s Annual Meeting Tour for 2016.

While here, the group will be hosted by the Ulster Jersey Cattle Club and enjoy visits to Clandeboye Estates and the Potterswalls’ herd of the Fleming family, who farm near Seaforde in Co Down.

“We are expecting around 100 visitors,” confirmed Ashley Fleming.

“This is part of an overall tour, which will take in other regions of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The visiting group will be made up of breeders from New Zealand, Australia, North America, mainland Europe and many other parts of the world.

“It will be a tremendous honour to have them here.”

Mark Logan, farm manager at Clandeboye, agrees:

“The group will be visiting the estate on Thursday June 9th and then heading for Seaforde the following day. On both occasions they will have the opportunity to view the cows at grass.”

Both the Clandeboye and Potterswalls’ herds are home to some of the world’s best Jersey pedigrees. The Fleming family won their 8th Balmoral Inter-Breed dairy title at this year’s show.

“Demand for Jersey breeding stock continues to increase,” Ashley Fleming confirmed.

“Cows are capable of producing milk with high constituents. Recent breeding advances have seen Jersey milk yields increasing, but not at the expense of butterfat and protein percentages. These developments are adding to the popularity of the breed.”

The Bureau represents the professional interests of Jersey breeders around the world. There are five world regions represented within the organisation- Africa, Asia/Oceana, Europe, Latin America and North America. Each region has a dedicated Vice President, elected by the WJCB Council. Its objectives are:

- To encourage good will and cooperation, generate research, promotion, education and coordination between individuals and organisations involved in enhancing the Jersey breed in all parts of the world.

- To promote, and assist with the promotion of, the Jersey breed and all products derived there from.

- To encourage and support individuals and organisations to discover, develop and utilise improved methods of breeding, feeding and management under varied agricultural conditions and by the use of the Jersey breed in the most constructive manner.

- To act as a coordinating and an advisory body having no jurisdiction over the internal affairs or domestic policies of its National Members, National Associate Members or National Affiliated Members.

- To encourage the education of young people interested in the Jersey breed through exchange programmes between countries and providing assistance and encouragement to member countries with their youth programmes.

United Feeds has confirmed its sponsorship of the Bureau’s visit to Northern Ireland

“We are delighted to be involved,” confirmed company sales manager Clarence Calderwood.

“Courtesy of the Clandeboye and Potterswalls’ herds Northern Ireland is home to two of the highest profile Jersey breeding centres in the UK and Ireland.

“Members of the Jersey Bureau will, no doubt, be impressed with what they see while visiting both farms.”