Mild, dry October with about average sunshine

Armagh Observatory reports that October 2015 was warmer and drier than average with about average sunshine.

The mean temperature, slightly less than 10.6 degrees Celsius (51.1 Fahrenheit), was approximately 0.46 degrees C warmer than the most recent 30-year (1981-2010) average October temperature at Armagh, which is 10.13 C.

Precipitation was about half the normal monthly average, while strong sunshine was just 3% more than the most recent 30-year October average at Armagh.

There were 11 ground frosts, the coldest of which, on the 13th, was minus 5.4 C, and no air frosts. The warmest day (highest maximum temperature) was 20.4 C, which occurred on the 6th. This was the warmest October day recorded at Armagh for 44 years, that is, since 7th October 1971, which had a maximum temperature of 20.9 C. This year’s Halloween day, although not as warm as either that of 2014 (17.9 C) or 2009 (16.1 C), had a maximum temperature of 15.8 C. This was the seventh warmest 31st October on record at Armagh. The following day, 1st November, which had a maximum temperature of 17.2 C, was the equal warmest November day on record at Armagh (shared with 2nd November 2005).

The month was much drier than average, with a total recorded precipitation, including three trace values, of 42.45 mm. This is approximately half the average October precipitation at Armagh, making October 2015 the driest October at Armagh for five years, that is, since 2010. The wettest day was the 23rd, with 11.2 mm of rainfall.

There were 92.9 hours of strong sunshine this month, which is about average. The sunniest day was the 12th, which had 8.7 hours of strong sunshine.

These data refer to observations at Armagh Observatory, which has been recording 
the weather at Armagh since 1795.