Milk yield and butterfat jumps up on Rumen Proof

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I milk a herd of British Friesians just outside Dromara, County Down.

Before Using Rumen Proof:

I had read different articles and talked to different farmers using Rumen Proof.

Most of the gains the farmers were talking about, I was very impressed with, though I did not think there was much room for improvement in my herd in terms of:

- Fertility and Stronger Heats

- Milk Yield

- Intake/Appetite

- Cud balls

- Feet Problems, especially Laminitis and White Line Disease.

- Cows looking a lot fuller and having a healthy shine.

Why I started using Rumen Proof:

I talked to another dairy farmer who was using Rumen Proof. He was impressed with the Butterfat increase, and like most of the other farmers I had talked to, he said the dungs firmed up quickly.

My Butterfat was consistently staying down stubbornly low. I also felt the dungs could be a little bit firmer.

My results from using Rumen Proof:

Within three weeks my Milk Yield was up, well over a litre/cow

Dungs were more consistent after a week.

After a month my butterfat had jumped up from 3.8 to 4.2 and is still staying up, with a few blips where the results are higher than 4.2

My current situation:

I still see the cows improving beyond what I expected and I see it in the general healthy vigour of the herd. It is my fourth month using this product. In this time I have grown more convinced that by getting the engine (rumen) in proper working order, the cows will more than give it back.

My one initial complaint:

I opted for the “Pure Rumen Proof Parlour Pack” which is fed at a 10g rate in the Parlour. For the initial few days, some of the cows would eat around the “pure” rumen proof, though within five days, most of them seemed to form a sort of an “addiction” to the product.

Most dairy herds in my area use a “TMR Wagon” mix, which is fed at a 50g rate, and can be used in the TMR or on top of the silage. I was told that it was 10g “Rumen Proof Parlour Pack” with 40g of inexpensive sodium bicarbonate used to buffer it up to the 50g.

If using the 50g TMR product there should be no issues with initial palatability.

If using the 10g “Pure Rumen Proof Parlour Pack” be patient, and wait a few days for the cows to grow fond of it.

Anyone who would like to know my personal experience can call me on 07788435875.