Mineral boost is vital before breeding

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Dairy farmers with cows and heifers to serve over the weeks will be striving to maintain these animals on the optimal levels of nutrition, particularly where minerals and vitamins are concerned.

And while 2014 was a very good grass growing year, first silage making conditions were

extremely challenging. As a consequence, many of the forages ensiled during May and early June have low DMD, ME values with mineral profiles also disappointing.

This will necessitate farmers supplementing the rations they feed to breeding animals over the coming months with a proven source of mineral and vitamins. But the good news is that Liquid Gold Dairy, from HVS

Animal Health, contains all of the minerals and vitamins required by dairy cows and beef cattle with Zinc, Manganese and Copper made available solely in a chelated form.

“The products represent the next generation in chelated mineral and vitamin drenches,” confirmed Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health.

“Increasingly, farmers must seek to maximise the performance of their

livestock. The Liquid Gold range has been developed to meet this specific requirement.”

Where milk production is concerned Liquid Gold Dairy can be used at drying off, prior to first service and with problem cows. Trials, carried out last year, have confirmed that the use of Liquid Gold Dairy will encourage stronger heats and reduce problems associated with retained cleanings and post calving metabolic disorders.

“Calves will also be born with lots of vigour,” Mr Elwood continued.

“Research and farm trials carried out around the world confirm just howimportant a role trace elements and vitamins play when it comes to improving cow and heifer fertility.

“So to those milk producers asking the question: can we afford to feed supplementary mineral to heifers prior to calving? My clear response is can you afford not to?

“The HVS Liquid Gold range represents a key breakthrough in the development of chelated mineral and vitamin drenches. Moreover, extensive on-farm experience here in Northern Ireland is confirming the performance benefits which the Liquid Gold range can deliver.”

For further information, contact HVS Animal Health on (028) 44612678.