Minutes’ silence held to remember victims of EU farm crisis

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Members of the Agriculture committee held a minute of silence on Monday evening for all farmers who committed suicide due to their dire situation arising from the ongoing crisis on agriculture markets.

They told Commissioner Phil Hogan, that the EU Commission must act now to help EU farmers cope with falling prices for their produce using all available tools and should not shy away from proposing new ones even if it entails legislative changes, they insisted.

“There is something very rotten in our society today if those who produce food are so desperate on their farms that they are committing suicide. We do have to ask ourselves what state we are in that we have to eat food three times a day and those who produce it are so desperate,” said Mairead McGuinness (EPP, IE) in a reaction to the initiative of José Bové (Greens/EFA, FR) who asked for a minute of silence for all victims of the agriculture crisis.