Moore Concrete wall panels – the proven option at Hiltara Holsteins

Picture: Columba O'Hare
Picture: Columba O'Hare

SPRING is almost with us and with it will come a dramatic increase in the amount of building and construction work undertaken on local farms.

Despite the many challenges on agriculture at the present time, farmers know that they must maintain the infrastructure of their farms to the highest possible level while all expansion related projects must be undertaken in the most cost effective way – while, all the time, maintaining a clear focus on the procurement of quality products.

Significantly, many milk producers are now giving active consideration to the expansion of their businesses. This means more cows which, in turn, puts pressure on the current buildings infrastructure to be found on their units. And while significant numbers of herdowners can make do by amending the sheds etc currently in place, inevitably the issue of building a new, purpose built unit will arise.

Over recent years the McCormick family, owners of the renowned Hiltara Holstein herd, have carried out a complete re-development and refurbishment of the buildings at the farm, including the main cubicle house, dairy and, more recently, the construction of a new straw shed.

“Once the decision to go ahead with the various projects was taken, we wanted to make sure that it was carried out to the highest specification and that the job was completed as quickly as possible,” explained Sam McCormick

“With this in mind we opted for Moore Concrete wall panels in the construction of the cubicle house and the new straw shed.

“And we were very happy with the results achieved on both occasions. The panels, which are manufactured to last, came pre-cured and can be put in place within hours of being delivered on site.”

Designed for speed of installation, Moore Concrete pre-stressed wall panels are supplied ready for immediate use. Wall panel systems offer significant time and cost savings over traditional methods. There is no need for foundations, as the panels can rest on the post foundation or on landing brackets.

Availabe in 100mm (4”) thickness, each prestressed wall panel is manufactured under our strict quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001.

Moore Concrete’s Keri McGivern was a recent visitor to the McCormick farm.

“Our panels are available in both two feet and four feet high. They are joined together using a simple tongue and groove system. The length of each panel can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

“Significantly, the panels can be used in the building of structural walls for livestock or general purpose buildings. These panel walls are supplied with a smooth finish which can be easily cleaned.

Keri concluded: “The wall panels are bolted to or slotted in between the RSJ units.”