More cattle on offer at Omagh Mart

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Much more cattle on offer this week, with prices moving in the right direction.

Bullocks: P Conway, Loughmacrory 405k £865; 390k £805; 445k £915; 410k £825, P Donnelly, Loughmacrory 445k £905; 345k £745; 390k £805; 515k £980, M Cassidy, Drumquin 315k £700, R Sterritt, Mountjoy 470k £900, C O’Hagan, Eskra 515k £985, F Ferris, Leglands 570k £1090; 600k £1125, M Ferris, Leglands 605k £1145 and £1140; 655k £1205, Geo Hall, Loughamcrory 635k £1190; 590k £1110, S Cullinan, Eskra 595k £1100, R Aiken, Drumquin 500k £910, J Haughey, Greencastle 535k £970.

Heifers: M Teague, Dromore 360k £805; 395k £800, R Scott, Newtownstewart 365k £785; 375k £780; 400k £800, M McFarland, Beragh 380k £785, P Donnelly, Loughmacrory 385k £780, C O’Hagan, Eskra 485k £990, D Palmer, Gortaclare 490k £900; 550k £995, Barrack Hill Farms 520k £1005; 545k £1050, P Gormley, Drumquin 530k £1005, P Coyle, Broughderg 505k £950.

Fat cows: Michael O’Kane, Drumquin 710k £148; 630k £135, R Aiken, Drumquin 510k £144, GJ King, Knockmoyle 730k £120; 580k £114; 600k £112, E and C Tracey, Mountfield 610k £120; 630k £117, Barrack Hill Farms 640k £118, P Conway, Loughmacrory 510k £118, JS Britton, Donemana 700k £116, P Gormley, Drumquin 660k £116, WJ Kee, Strabane 770k £115, S and S Caldwell, Beragh 720k £112, S Brown, Beragh 560k £108.

Dairy cows: Des Scott, Gillygooley sold to a batch of calved heifers to a ceiling of £1400.

Dropped calves: G Lagan, Cookstown £395 Char bull; £365 Hereford bull, WH Cummings, Castlederg £345 B Blue bull, E Davis, Dromore £345 Hereford bull, R Elkin, Omagh £340 B Blue bull, M Aiken, Drumquin £330 B Blue bull, F and I Hamilton, Newtownstewart £315 Angus bull, Ian Henderson, Trillick £305 and £275 Hereford heifers, Wm Warnock, Trillick £300 B Blue heifer, Wm Rankin, Castlederg £300 Angus bull, A Stevenson, Sion Mills £295 Lim bull, Bogle Bros, Castlederg £290 Hereford bull, R Smith, Drumquin £270 B Blue heifer.