More durable mixers are launched

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Recognising that many diet feeders are now mixing in excess of 100 tonnes of feed daily, manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds has upgraded its twin auger Powermix Pro Twin Express feeders for 2015.

It has increased both the thickness of steel used for tub and auger flight manufacturing and the steel quality, in its enhanced range which was launched at LAMMA.

The tub interiors are now double skinned up to a height of 775mm with an additional 10mm thick sheet of S500 grade steel. This provides more protection and wear resistance on the lower sidewall around the tub and brings the sidewall thickness to 18mm.

And, the new auger flights are made from stronger S500 grade steel is 15mm thick, with replaceable wear pads on the lower auger legs made of a 10mm thick stainless steel plate.

“Diet feeders are one of the most significant investments on most dairy and beef enterprises and premature tub and auger wear can significantly increase feeder funning costs,” pointed out Neil Smith, sales and marketing director for Shelbourne Reynolds.

“We have worked hard to perfect the mixing and chopping ability of our machines to produce the type of ration that livestock farmers are asking for. These enhancements add to that by extending the potential life of the Twin Express machines, particularly when working in high use, large herd situations.”

All that steel adds 480Kg to the weight of each twin auger machine and the total unladen weight ranges from 8325Kg for the smallest 16 m3 model to 9160Kg for the 25 m3 flagship. But there is no additional horse power requirement for the upgraded models, pointed out Mr Smith.

Shelbourne distributors are Alexander Mills, Benburb, Co Tyrone. Tel: 028 37 548 971 or from ROI: 048 37 548 971.