More milk in the tank thanks to new bolus

Tim Montgomery
Tim Montgomery

The NEW ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ from Tim Montgomery Farm Supplies is a fast acting bolus for use in lactating dairy cattle to help reduce the use of antibiotics in cases of high somatic cell counts (SCC) and both clinical and sub clinical mastitis. It can also be used at drying off and can offer post-calving transition support.

The ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ contains a combination of ingredients which boasts anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This chemistry and theory behind the Healthy Udder Bolus is new to the UK and Ireland, but has been practised successfully across Europe and USA for many years and so far feedback from customers has been extremely positive. Farmers are commenting that the “Healthy Udder Bolus” has succeeded in significantly helping with Somatic Cell Count in the vast majority of cases. Tim Montgomery is delighted to get the type of response, such as from one County Antrim dairy farmer:

“When I got my milk recording back, out of 146 cows I had 11 cows with high somatic cell counts with a few who were into the millions. I immediately called Tim as I had recently been chatting to a neighbour who had tried his Healthy Udder bolus with a very high success rate.

“I bolused the 11 trouble makers over a period of three days, and by my next milk recording, nine out of the 11 cows SCC figures had dropped significantly. I was delighted to see the bulk tank reading had almost halved and what’s more, I didn’t have to waste any milk.

“It is now also our farm protocol that any cow with clinical mastitis gets a Healthy Udder bolus, and this approach has greatly reduced the amount of antibiotic usage on the farm. I will certainly be using this product as part of my herd health plan going forward and have no problem recommending the bolus to fellow farmers.

“We are seeing fantastic results on farm with these new boluses both in terms of lowering SCC levels and the Mastitis burden. Farmers understand their responsibility to reduce their reliance on antibiotics and this product helps them with that goal, with the extra benefit of more milk in the tank.”

For more information, or to order with free delivery, call Tim Montgomery Farm Supplies on 0780361875.