More options with the new 475 Kidd shredder

The new 475 Bale Shredder and Chopper Processor from Kidd Farm Machinery
The new 475 Bale Shredder and Chopper Processor from Kidd Farm Machinery

Alan Dunlop Agricultural Machinery is now selling the new 475 Bale Shredder and Chopper Processor from Kidd Farm Machinery.

For the past four years the 450 version of this machine has been the flagship product sold by the Killinchy based firm. The Kidd 450 Baleshredder will handle straw and silage of all types with ease.

Indeed so popular is this piece of kit that in excess of 100 have left the yard during the past four years.

The new 475 model has the added bonus of being able to chop the straw finer and is sure to prove just as popular with farmers.

Some of the key features include:

- Wide Body, 2 x round bales or 2 x 80mm x 1200mm Big Square Bales, side by side

- 4.75 cum Capacity

- Hydraulic Rotating Combe

- Faster throughput with 360° rotating safety flail

- Smart Conveyor

- No Chop for bedding adjustable screen for finished chop lengths 30mm to 60mm for feeding

- Shred Straw for bedding or chop straw for feeding in addition to feeding silage, loose or baled

- Belt drive smoothly transmits more power

Points of Betterment

- At the touch of a button the rotating comb controls the flow of material off the conveyor onto the beater. Baled or loose material is tumbled away to provide an even flow

- The high power belt drive smoothly transmits more power safely without snatch and grab.

- In addition to handling 2 x round bales the 475 cum capacity and wider body will also

handle 2 x 80mm x 80 mm (311⁄2inx 311⁄2in) big square bales, side by side.

- The 475 will shred and spread unchopped straw for bedding, or when the chopping mechanism is engaged give an infinitely variable short chop length from 30mm to 60mm.

- All bales collect foreign bodies from the field surface. Chopping mechanisms suffer from damage by surface trach such as stones, wood and metal. The 475 uses 360° rotating flails on the beater protecting the chopping mechanism. Surface trash is safely transported by the conveyor out of harms way to the back of the machine for disposal.

- The 360° rapid rotating flail, slices into the bale, substantially reducing process time.

- The Smart Conveyor control monitors the flow of material over the beater, into the chopping mechanism and fan. Maximising the flow of material at all times without blocking or stopping.

Standard specification includes Electronic Controls, Swivel Chute, 5FT Flywheel, W/A PTO Shaft, Rear Bump Bar and Lights.

Demonstrations of the 450 and the 475TC are available and 0% finance is available on a limited number of machines.

Located twenty minutes south of Belfast on the main A22 road between Comber and Killyleagh, Alan Dunlop Agricultural Machinery sells a wide range of new and used machinery backed up by service and spare parts.

The 475 Bale Shredder and Chopper Processor is available at Alan Dunlop Agricultural Machinery, 2 Killyleagh Road, Killinchy, Co Down, BT23 6TA, visit the website