More sheep required to meet demand at Lisahally

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Lambs sold to to £90 on Tuesday’s sheep sale at Lisahally. More needed to meet demand. Prices as follows:

LAMBS: Norman Thompson £90/28kg, Brain Johnston £89/24kg, Gerard Doherty £87.50/24kg, Hilary Derry £86.80/22kg, D and W Clarke £86.50/23kg, Amanda Scott £86.50/23kg, John McWilliams £86/23kg, Robert Quigley £85.80/22kg, Kenneth Johnston £85.20/23kg, D and W Clarke £85.20/23kg, John McClelland £85/23kg, Stephen Johnston £85/24kg, William Douglas £85/23kg, Stuart Caskie £84.20/23kg, Declan McGuinness £84/22kg, James Hogg £83.50/22kg, R Killen £82.80/21kg, Robert Waugh £81.80/22kg, David Crockett £81.80/22kg, Patrick Duffy £81.50/22kg, Albert Baxter £80.50/22kg, S Cassidy £80/21.50kg, John Dodds £80/21.60kg, Norman Thompson £80/22kg, William Martin £80/20kg.

FAT EWES: Hugh McNicholl £120, R Killen £99, S Dickson £97, £96, F Johnston £84, £80, Margaret Guy £78, Robert Waugh £76 David Smyth £74, James Hogg £72, A and B Douglas £71, Samuel Reilly £64.

All types of cattle stock selling to a great trade on Wednesday. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Donald Sayers £1325/760kg, £1250/660kg, M and S Buchanan £1295/730kg, David Beattie £1000//590kg, £940/590kg, £870/480kg, £830/530kg, William Moore £900/520kg, £860/460kg, £840/430kg, William Neely £825/480kg, £750/490kg, £705/440kg, £690/460kg, £685/380kg, Columba Feeney £755/410kg, £675/390kg, £610/350kg, £610/370kg, Samuel Archibald £515/250kg, Philip Bryson £500/290kg.

HEIFERS: Donald Sayers £1195/690kg, £1000/550kg, Raymond Snodgrass £1170/670kg, £1110/620kg, £1095/630kg, £1080/590kg, £1030/580kg,S Scott £1090/540kg, £1080/520kg, Robert Quigley £1090/620kg, £1090/610kg, Patrick McNicholl £1030/580kg, Ivan Donnell £910/570kg, R Miller £900/540kg, £890/520kg, S McGuinness £905/550kg, Philip Bryson £900/520kg, £820/480kg, £810/450kg, £790/430kg, Paul Armstrong £750/370kg, £635/360kg, Christopher Devine £715/380kg, P and A Miller £565/290kg.