Mueller reducing energy costs on Castlerock farm

Castlerock dairy farmer Jimmy Conn and David Milliken, discusses the energy saving benefits of the Mueller HiPerForm bulk milk tank with Cecil Wilson of Wilson Milk Tanks.
Castlerock dairy farmer Jimmy Conn and David Milliken, discusses the energy saving benefits of the Mueller HiPerForm bulk milk tank with Cecil Wilson of Wilson Milk Tanks.

Low energy consumption and rapid cooling ability has made the patented HiPerForm system from Mueller one of the most efficient and market leading bulk milk refrigeration systems in the world.

Castlerock milk producers David, Hugh and Jimmy Conn, who run the 300-cow Grange Farm Holstein Herd, installed a 22,000 litre Mueller HiPerForm E Star bulk tank and a heat recovery system almost six months ago, and instantly noticed significant savings in their electricity bill.

“We had a 15,000 litre conventional DX ice bank system which needed updated as it used old gas,” explained Jimmy who supplies over 2.6 million litres of milk annually to Ballyrashane Co-op.

“Our old tank was too small, and it was taking too long to the cool the milk.”

The Conn brothers opted for a Mueller P model tank supplied by Mueller distributors Cecil Wilson and Intercool Engineering.

“We had heard good reports about Mueller tanks, and are really pleased with our decision. It’s farmer friendly, and has a rapid cooling system. Our collection time is 6.30am, and the milk is cooled to 3.8°C at the end of milking.”

The Conn brothers are also impressed with the tank’s 15 minute wash cycle. “The washing regime is very fast, and we have noticed an improvement in our milk hygiene results,” added Jimmy.

Hugh continued: “The Mueller tank fills from the bottom which eliminates the unnecessary agitation of the milk, thus stopping the breakdown of the butterfat content.

“The tank is working well, and more importantly is energy efficient which has led to a massive reduction in our electricity bill. Our monthly bill dropped by over £1,200 following the installing of the new bulk tank.”

He concluded: “The Mueller tanks are also compatible with robotic milking systems, so the option is there should the next generation want to go down that route in the future.”

Mueller tanks are available in three models: the low profile oval design O model, the narrow profile circular P model, and the vertical silo. They are manufactured to high specifications, and available in a range of sizes.

All models include a seamless polished texture, a watertight outer vessel, adjustable legs, and a stainless steel lockable outlet. Larger models have a fixed ladder.

The American company’s MIII control unit is a standard feature on all new vertical and horizontal tanks and milk silos. Its modern design incorporates a ‘quick wash’ cleaning function, complete with automated detergent and acid dosage control system.

Mueller’s comprehensive ‘Milk Guard’ system is also built-in. It monitors milk cooling temperatures and times, as well as wash water temperatures and other data, and stores the information for up to six months. The digital panel includes an audio and visual alarm system which alerts the user if a problem occurs.

A host of optional extras are also available, including scales which weigh the contents of the vessel.

“We are seeing an increased demand for HiPerForm tanks as dairy farmers are striving to minimise production costs and reduce overheads,” said Cecil Wilson, of Wilson Milk Tanks based at Glenarm, County Antrim.

“On-farm energy efficiency can be further complemented by the Fre-Heater, a system which converts waste heat from the milk cooler’s condensing unit and uses it to heat water at no extra cost.

“Backed by a five-year warranty, trials have proven that the Fre-Heater can recover up to 60% of wasted heat energy to create ‘free’ hot water. It can be installed on any make of new or existing bulk milk cooling system.”

For further information on the extensive range of bulk tanks available from Mueller visit its stand in the dairy section (beside Bothwell Farm Supplies) at Balmoral Show, or contact Cecil Wilson on mobile: 07730 065075; or Gene Ormiston on 00353 86 2577071.