Mueller – reliable and energy efficient milk cooling systems

Mueller agent Cecil Wilson, Wilson Milk Tanks, discusses the benefits of the recently installed 14,000 litre HiPerForm milk cooler with Robert Chestnutt from Bushmills.
Mueller agent Cecil Wilson, Wilson Milk Tanks, discusses the benefits of the recently installed 14,000 litre HiPerForm milk cooler with Robert Chestnutt from Bushmills.

Mueller’s low energy HiPerForm tanks are ranked as the most cost effective and advanced milk cooling systems on the world market.

North Antrim dairy farmer Alan Chestnutt recently replaced his old DX tank with a Mueller HiPerForm milk cooler.

“The old tank was more than 20 years old. It was costing too much to run and maintain, and the capacity wasn’t big enough which meant I was paying extra for daily milk collections,” said the Lacpatrick producer who lives in the townland of Billy near Bushmills.

“Mueller has an excellent reputation and its tanks are very popular on neighbouring dairy farms. I had no hesitation in investing in a 14,000 litre O model. The new tank fits neatly into my existing dairy, and the installation was carefully planned and completed by Wilson Milk Tanks in conjunction with Intercool Engineering. No building work was needed.”

Alan Chestnutt’s breeding policy focuses on British Friesian bloodlines, and the commercially managed herd is currently averaging over 8,000 litres at 4.0% butterfat and 3.3% protein. Son Robert is keen to join the family farm and is currently studying at Greenmount College.

“We have been using the Mueller milk cooler for almost two months and are very pleased with our investment. It boasts modern technology and the digital MIII control panel is farmer friendly and easy to use,” explained Robert.

“It displays the date and time, milk temperature, and the volume of litres in the tank.”

Alan added: “The tank is fast an efficient. The milk is cooled by the end of milking. I’ve no doubt we will see significant savings on our next electricity bill.”

Mueller tanks are seamless and manufactured to high specifications from 100% polished stainless steel. They are available in three models: the low profile oval design O model; the narrow profile circular P model, and the vertical silo, all of which use up to 27% less electricity, and offer faster cooling than conventional units.

Available in a range of sizes, Mueller tanks feature a watertight outer vessel, adjustable legs, and a stainless steel lockable outlet. Larger models have a fixed ladder.

Glenarm-based agent Cecil Wilson, of Wilson Milk Tanks, said: “Mueller is increasing in popularity around the country.

“Farmers are striving to keep production costs to a minimum, and Mueller ticks all the boxes when it comes to rapid cooling ability and low energy consumption.

“Mueller tanks are fully loaded when it comes to modern technology. MLD (milk level detection) monitors the flow of milk into the tank and controls the cooling system by automatically turning on one or two units. Weigh scales determine the content of the vessel.”

The comprehensive ‘Milk Guard’ system monitors milk cooling temperatures and times, as well as wash water temperatures and other data.

This information can be stored for up to six months and is easily accessible from the digital panel. The system also includes audio and visual alarms.

The MIII control unit is a standard feature on all tanks and milk silos. It incorporates a ‘quick wash’ cleaning function, complete with automatic detergent and acid dosage control system.

Cecil Wilson added: “Mueller’s washing cycle is up to 40% faster than rival brands. This makes Mueller very compatible with robotic milking systems as the ‘down time’ is significantly reduced.”

To find out more about Mueller’s unrivalled range of bulk milk storage and cooling systems visit the Intercool Engineering stand (No 52) in the Agri Pavilion at Balmoral Show.

Alternatively log on to, or contact Cecil Wilson on 07730 065075, or Gene Ormiston on 00353 86 25677071.