Murphy leads from Gowran Park

Danny Dixon
Danny Dixon

Almost 22,000 NIPA birds were released at 11.15am in Gowran Park in a north-northwest wind, a stiff enough race was expected and overall winners were timed in the Newry area.

Gary Murphy, from Millvale, was first and second, J F McCabe from Newry and Dist third and fourth, from the same club Ron Williamson the previous race winner fifth and Owen Markey from Ballyholland sixth.

NIPA Open Gowran Park 723/21,931

1-1G G Murphy Millvale 1359, 2-2G G Murphy 1359, 3-3G J F McCabe and Son Newry and Dist 1359, 4-4G J F McCabe and Son 1359, 5-5G Ron Williamson Newry and Dist 1358, 6-6G O Markey Ballyholland 1358, 7-7G J J McCabe Newry and Dist 1356, 8-8G M McDonald Ballyholland 1354, 9-9G O Markey 1353, 10-10G J F McCabe and Son 1353, 11-11G J F McCabe and Son 1352, 12-12G R McKelvey Newry and Dist 1352, 13-13G R McKelvey 1352, 14-14G J F McCabe 1352, 15-15G O Markey 1351, 16-1D Kennedy and Lyons Hills and Maze 1350, 17-16G W and J Chambers Millvale 1349, 18-17G W and J Chambers 1349, 19-1E Rafferty and Toman Gilford 1348, 20-18G Ron Williamson 1347.

Best in each NIPA Section:

Sect A 55/1680 – M/M G Larmour Coalisland and Dist 1287, Kevin Carolan Coalisland and Dist 1282, Kevin Carolan 1282.

Sect B 116/3458 – McConville Bros Crumlin and Dist 1299, Surgenor Bros Kells and Dist 1298, Trevor and Lisa Yates Muckamore 1295.

Sect C 134/3486 – Gregg Bros and McCandless Titanic 1338, Calderwood and Waite Ligoniel 1336, Bingham and Seaton Ligoniel 1328.

Sect D 80/2386 – Kennedy and Lyons Hillsborough and Maze 1350, I Gibb and Sons Glenavy and Dist 1342, A and R Milliken and Brady Hillsborough and Maze 1342.

Sect E 151/5772 – Rafferty and Yoman Gilford and Dist 1348, Fitzpatrick and Hyde Gilford and Dist 1344, Paul Hope Edgarstown 1343.

Sect F 41/1223 – Morrison Bros Killyleagh and Dist 1295, Toner Bros Corrigs 1290, T and C Kilpatrick Killyleagh and Dist 1281.

Sect G 77/2861 – G Murphy Millvale 1359, G Murphy 1359, J F McCabe and Son Newry and District 1359.

Sect H 69/1065 – Davy Booth Foyle 1173, D Booth 1173, D Booth 1172.

Gowran Park 12/08/17 – Lib 11.15am, wind north-northwest

NIPA Sect A Clubs

Coalisland and District – E Grew 1295, 1294, M/M G Larmour 1287.

Coleraine Premier – Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1227, Hanson and Harpur 1223, 1223,

Coleraine and County Derry - Donny Dysart 1212, Terence McCrudden 1200, W and W Murdock 1197, Terence McCrudden 1187.

Cookstown Social – G and S Smith 1264, 1264, 1264.

Castledawson – S Watson 1118, 1076, 1063.

Dungannon – Ian Blair 1237, Eamon Bleeks 1219, Mariusz Pawlak 1185.

Windsor Social 11/231 – A and M Boyle 1282, 1251, R and J Parke 1237, K Glass 1227.

NIPA Sect H Clubs

Amelia Earhart 11/134 – E Quigley 1073, Thomas and Ryan White 1053, 1053, 1026.

Derry and District – R Gallagher 1011, N McGrotty and Son 998, J and G Ramsey 997.

Foyle RPS – Millar and Doherty 1002, 995, 974.

Limavady – R Witherow 1118, John McCool 1114, 1114.

Londonderry PRS 3/36 – Leo Flanagan and Son 1097, 1011, B Freeman 997, Leo Flanagan and Son 981.

Maiden City 10/100 – F Ramsey 1020, P McLaughlin 1017, Concannon Bros 960, Coyle Bros 890.

Omagh and District – Alan Kelly 1168, John Convey 1124, 1113, 1077.

Strabane and District 14/182 – J McDaid 1065, D McNulty 1035, I Deasley 1029, J Walsh 1018.

NIPA Sect B Clubs

Ahoghill Flying Club 9/244 – Young McManus and Sons 1259, J Orr and Son 1239, Young McManus and Sons 1238, 1230. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club – J Orr and Son 1239, 1180.

Ballymena and District 14/440 – J Eagleson and Sons 1289, W and J Smyth 1271, 1259, Blair and Rankin 1251.

Ballymoney HPS 17/564 – D Dixon 1293, 1293, J Connolly 1285, 1285.

Ballymoney West Combine 8/274 – J McDowell and Sons 1254, J Hutchinson and Son 1251, R J Elliott 1234, Brown and Stewart 1204.

Broughshane and District – J Simpson 1269, 1262, 1220.

Cullybackey HPS 14/525 – M/M M Sempey 1250, A Darragh 1230, 1209, 1194.

Crumlin and District – P McGarrity 1311, McConville Bros 1299, G Grant 1295.

Dervock RPS 4/126 – J Hutchinson and Son 1251, 1248, D Devenney 1237, D and H Stuart 1230.

Harryville HPS 12/310 – J Rock 1273, L Mullan 1271, R H Clements 1256, J Rock 1256.

Kells and District HPS 8/215 – Surgenor Bros 1298, A Barkley and Son 1246, G McDowell 1227, B Swann and Son 1214. Sizzlers 2 Bird Club – Surgenor Bros 1298, A Barkley and Son 1206, J Millar and Son 1137, McFarlane and Agnew 950.

Muckamore HPS 11/328 – Trevor and Lisa Yates 1295, Sam Maginty 1294, 1261, S and J Bones 1263.

New Antrim Amalgamated – McFall and McManus 1241, K Wilkinson and Son 1233, 1206, McFall and McManus 1204.

Randalstown HPS 7/302 – Percy Son and Murphy 1230, Stewart Bros 1208, 1174, 1172.

Rasharkin and District 10/394 – J and M Milliken 1249, 1224, W and J McLean 1213, 1212. Danny Dixon – 1293.684, 1293.400, 1284.092, 1283.719.

NIPA Sect E Clubs

Annaghmore – G Buckley and Son 1305, 1300, T McClean 1289, G Buckley and Son 1282.

Armagh – D C and P McArdle 1296, J Campbell 1286, D C and P McArdle 1275,

Beechpark Social – G McEvoy 1304, K Downey 1288, R Bothwell 1286.

Blackwatertown HPS – J Brown 1316, M Duggan and Son 1313, J Brown 1304, 1301.

Bleary – C and H Beattie 1320, R Adamson 1319, 1316.

Bondhill – David Calvin 1308, 1286, 1278, 1278.

Edgarstown 13/567 – Paul Hope 1343, J Whitten and Son 1338, Paul Hope 1327, 1327.

Gilford and District – Rafferty and Toman 1348, Fitzpatrick and Hyde 1344, 1341.

Laurelvale – A Craig 1317, C Duke and Sons 1292, M Milligan and Son 1290.

Loughgall – N Weir 1304, 1304, 1293, 1276.

Lurgan Social – J Douglas and Son 1342, D and B Lyness 1334, J Douglas and Son 1333, E Wright 1331.

Markethill 7/382 – A Humphries and Son 1323, 1320, 1295, 1293.

Monaghan – Allister and Kruger 1264, P McFadden 1245, R Mulligan 1241.

Portadown and Drumcree HPS – Hagan and Rowney 1331, 1331, Larkin Bros 1330, 1312.

Wilton Cross – D Carville and Son 1334 ABCD, G Douglas 1331, Toal Bros 1329 Nom, D Carville and Son 1322.

Hard race from Gowran Park – McConville Bros from Crumlin win first Sect B

The weekend race from Gowran Park the fifth of the young bird season was the most difficult to date almost 22,000 birds were released at 11.15am in a north-northwest wind.

Despite the hard race there was a close finish at the top of Sect B, McConville Bros from Crumlin and District were best recording velocity 1299, with Surgenor Bros from Kells and District one yard behind on 1298. This loft was winning three in a row and the fourth win overall. Trevor and Lisa Yates had the winner in Muckamore and the Percy and Murphy team won two in a row in Randalstown.

Best bird locally was timed in Kells by Surgenor Bros who were winning for the third time on the trot and fourth time in total, best in Ballymena was J Eagleson and Sons who were winning for the second week in Ballymena and District. Mr and Mrs Sempey were best in Cullybackey for the second week with the same Lt Cheq hen, 525 birds competing and in Harryville the winner was Jimmy Rock.

Danny Dixon 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th MAC

Danny Dixon from Dunloy had the big weekend result in the MAC, four early birds well placed including the winner doing velocity 1293, the birds were split by Johnston Eagleson and Sons winning Ballymena and Dist for the second week and 1st MAC last weekend. His bird was bred from a double Mid Antrim Combine winner, she won races in 2016 and 2017. The 1st MAC winner also won first Ballymoney HPS and fourth Section B. The Red cock is a son of Heartbreaker when paired to a Red Grizzle hen who is a daughter of Gert Hyland’s Jackpot. Young McManus and Sons were best in Ahoghill and J and M Milliken had first and second in Rasharkin.

Mid Antrim Combine Gowran Park – D Dixon Rasharkin 1293, D Dixon 1283, J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena 1289, D Dixon 1284, D Dixon 1283, W and J Smyth Ballymena 1271, Young McManus and Sons Ahoghill 1259, W and J Smyth 1259, Blair and Rankin Ballymena 1251, J Eagleson and Sons 1249, J and M Milliken Rasharkin 1249, J Eagleson and Sons 1247, Blair and Rankin 1245, J Eagleson and Sons 1243, W and J Smyth 1241.

Marking arrangements for Talbenny Nat – Money for Talbenny YB Nat will be collected on Wednesday 23rd August in Cullybackey clubrooms from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. All birds race marked in Cullybackey Thursday 24th August from 3.30pm to 6.00pm. All ETS clocks to be cleared of all races, T3 clocks ready after lorry leaves clubrooms. Lost Ballymena Area IHU15 N-27280 blue hen, contact Homer. Found PL11098-13/0385. Contact Ballymena Tel: 256 43004. BE17-6087743 bird found by non-fancier any know who owns this bird?

A and M Boyle top Coleraine Triangle

Andy and Mavis Boyle had the top two arrivals in the Windsor Social the winner timed at 3.15pm was flying 174 miles to record velocity 1282. The loft had the top two places in the Coleraine Triangle, club-mates R and J Parke finished third. Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin had the winner in Coleraine Premier followed by two birds for Hanson and Harpur.

Coleraine Triangle Gowran Park – A and M Boyle Windsor Soc 1282, A and M Boyle 1251, R and J Parke Windsor Soc 1237, K Glass Windsor Soc 1227, T Scott and Son Windsor Soc 1227, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin Coleraine Prem 1227, Hanson and Harpur Coleraine Prem 1223, Hanson and Harpur 1223, T and J McDonald Coleraine Prem 1223, R and J Parke 1219, T Scott and Son 1218, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1216, Hanson and Harpur 1212, D Dysart Coleraine and Co Derry 1212, Hanson and Harpur 1211, Hanson and Harpur 1211, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1205, 1205, 1205, 1203.

City of Derry update

Well done to Leo Flanagan of the Londonderry Club on winning the town in todays race from Gowran Park. Eamonn Quigley from the Amelia Earhart was runner-up and from the same club a top card from Tommy and Ryan White, this loft finished third, fourth, fifth and sixth for a fantastic result. M Rabbett PO.

City of Derry Gowran Park 42/480 – Leo Flanagan and Son Londonderry 1097, Eamonn Quigley Amelia Earhart 1073, Tommy and Ryan White Amelia Earhart 1053, 1053, 1026, 1020, Frankie Ramsey Maiden City 1020, Pat McLaughlin Maiden City 1017, Leo Flanagan and Son 1011, Noel and Ciara Doherty Amelia Earhart 1011, Rory Gallagher Derry and Dist 1011, Millar and Doherty Foyle 1002, Noel and Ciara Doherty 999, Noel McGrotty Derry and Dist 998, Bob Freeman Londonderry 997, Jim and Gary Ramsey Derry and Dist 997, Millar and Doherty 995, Danny Canning Derry and Dist 992, 991, Leo Flanagan and Son 981.