Net-Tex Colate continues support of sheep shearing Circuit

The 2014 Net-Tex Circuit Champions. NET-TEX is also sponsoring the Junior, Intermediate & Senior at this years Balmoral Show.
The 2014 Net-Tex Circuit Champions. NET-TEX is also sponsoring the Junior, Intermediate & Senior at this years Balmoral Show.

The Northern Ireland Sheep Shearers Association (NISSA) has made the final preparations for this year’s annual sheep shearing circuit.

Popularly known as the ‘NISSA (NET-TEX Colate) Shearing Circuit’ Ireland Sales Manager Mr Robin Kennedy commented: “We are delighted to continue sponsorship of this highly competitive event, and look forward to the various stages throughout the circuit over the coming months.”

As in previous years, shearers from all 32 counties will be eligible to take part.

The circuit will be compiled of an accumulation of points from Donard (which took place on 10th May), Balmoral (15th May), Connacht County Show (17th May), All Ireland (30th and 31st May), Ballymena (29th May), Crack In The Brac (28th June) and NISSA Shearers (10th July).

NISSA Chairman Walter Hoy stated: “The shearing circuit is an important fixture in the shearing year which competitors take very seriously. We are grateful to NET-TEX Colate for their continued support. It is vital for shearers to have a circuit to maintain quality shearing throughout their career; both in the shed on a daily basis and at competitions.”

As in previous years, all shearers will have to register if they wish to be included in the circuit. All shearers must be a member of NISSA. Shearers registration is open up to the All Ireland Championships on 31st May.

Prizes will be awarded to the top four shearers in each class. NISSA will also present the winner of the Junior and Intermediate with a new hand-piece at the September meeting.

In addition to NET-TEX Colate sponsoring the highly commended Northern Ireland Sheep Shearing Circuit, they are again part of the prestigious Sheep Shearing Championships again at this year’s Balmoral Show.

Everyone involved with the competition at Balmoral are very grateful for NET-TEX Colate supporting the Junior, Intermediate & Senior Sections.

A spokesperson from the sheep shearing committee at the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society remarked: “We are delighted that NET-TEX Colate are supporting so many of the classes again this year at Balmoral. We are indebted to them and the other sponsors who have assisted us this year to ensure that the shearing can continue to be a success.”

To register for the circuit contact Gareth 07711 664100 or Jayne on 07786 443458. Shearers are advised to register early.

Keep up to date with the circuit results online with the website & add NISSA on facebook.