New and improved Tulip Centerliner range

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The Tulip Centerliner precision fertiliser spreaders are designed for farmers with an emphasis on quality, ease of use and accuracy.

Tulip promotes the quadruple overlap distribution system. This robust spreading pattern is incredibly tolerant to sources of inaccuracy such as wind, variation in fertiliser characteristics and driver error.

Tulip offer a range of fertiliser spreaders that fulfils all European standards relating to accuracy of distribution and border spreading.

SE Model is ideally suited to smaller acreages with its low weight and robust spread pattern lending it well to hilly conditions. Size available from 760kg to 1850kg and a spread width of 10 to 18m.

SX Model, engineered to the highest standards the SX is the workhorse of the Centerliner range. Well considered design ensures ease of use at every stage from setting up to washing down, so that SX owners come back time after time. Size available from 1200kg to 3200kg and a spread width of 6 to 36m.

SXE and SXI Models brings convenient precision farming to the SX models. The SXE model will automatically adjust the output from the Centerliner to any change of forward speed. As soon as the speed increases, the application rate increases as well. This way the output per acre remains the same. The SXI uses a weighing device which records the weight decrease of the fertiliser throughout the spreading operation and determines the output rate. It is coupled to an electronic control system for shutter positions: even if the forward speed (among other factors) varies, the output per acre remains consistent with the operator’s requirements.

Eliminating Striping

The TULIP Centerliner spreading system has been proven by national and international institutes. Over and over again the results in all the tested working widths from 6 to 36 metres met all the requirements, within the criteria of the coefficient variation. Striping does not occur in field conditions, because each spreading pattern is the result of quadruple overlapping. You might say that each square metre is covered by four spinning discs with four spoons each. For headland spreading a perfect overlap is reached as well. Each test has shown that the Centerliner is very user-friendly because of its easy settings and simple controls. All this gives excellent spreading results in field conditions.

And here is where it really counts.

On most twin-disc spreaders, the spinner discs rotate from centre to outside (seen from the rear). Each disc produces a half spreading pattern. These patterns are then laid against each other in the middle behind the tractor. Only very accurate dose rate setting, that has to be repeated when switching to another type of fertiliser, can prevent stripes behind the middle of the tractor due to wrong overlap. The Centerliner does not have this problem, because the 2 spreading patterns overlap each other completely over the entire spreading width. This is in fact a full double overlap.

With most twin-disc spreaders the spreading pattern slopes steeply towards the sides. The adjoining working bout has to link up with previous bout, which means that even minor driving faults will easily lead to stripes in the crops. The Centerliner spreads up to the previous tramline, which means this problem doesn’t apply. Hence a driving error of 1 metre or more is a lot less critical and doesn’t disturb the combined spreading pattern.

Spoons and Bowls

The special shape of the spoons is the result of many tests. The suction power of the spoons together with the forced dose results in a constant and even supply of fertiliser. The spoons of the left spinner disc are positioned at a 45 degree angle compared to the spoons of the right disc. This results in no collisions between fertiliser coming from different discs. The result is an even and synchronised dose. The bowls are very close to the spinner discs for an accurate spreading pattern even on inclines. The drop point is in the centre so the fertiliser gently accelerates along the vanes instead of getting smashed by it.

New Stainless Steel Discs, Bowls and Linkages

One new addition throughout the TULIP Centerliner range has been the upgrading of the vanes, spinner discs, bowls and linkages to stainless steel. This will give each of these components and the machine itself a longer life span.

To find out more information about the Tulip Centerliner range contact G A Allen on 028 406 51303, mob: 07712877395, or through